Hi from north Buckinghamshire, UK

Hi all
My wife (Tam) and I are returning THS after bit of time where we didn’t travel much.
We live in the north Buckinghamshire country side in a 500 year old farm house with our two pets Kosan (a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog) and Gidi (a British shorthair cat).
We just secured two sitters for up coming trips and are delighted. We have one more coming up in just over a week so if anyone fancies a long weekend away please do get in touch
Brad & Tam

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Hi @bradcurrin
A warm welcome to the forum and so pleased you found us.

I have taken the liberty of adding your listing to your profile here, as we needed to remove it from the body of your introduction.

We also do have a last minute sit section, which applies to 7 days before the start of the sit, so if you are still looking, you can post that here in few days time.

You have a lovely home and two gorgeous pets so we will cross fingers that you find some lovely sitters for these dates. It is wonderful news you have secured sitters for later dates.


Well - gorgeous dog and cat (who clearly get on well - lovely to see them curled up together) in a gorgeous house and village! I’m not surprised you have sitters already :smiley:

As your ‘vacant’ sit is less than a week away, you could post it in the forum’s Last Minute Sits thread: Last Minute Sits - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum

You could also ask/give THS permission to advertise your sit (to members) through their social media.

Some things to consider in your listing:

  • a bit more information about Kosan would be useful. (How long/how far are his walks? On or off lead? Recall, training? Comfortable around other dogs? Can the sitter take him to the pub??! How long can he be left for if your sitter does go out exploring?)

  • consider if a car is REALLY NEEDED for a long weekend. Can a sitter get to your village by public transport (or would you be willing to collect from a nearby train station)? Could they stock up on basic groceries from a village shop, or get a supermarket delivery? As a resident, you clearly need a car, but someone coming for a long weekend in the country might be quite content without one. In the location section you could say what’s immediately around you and what’s accessible further away by car?


Thanks @Therese-Moderator and @Ketch - some very helpful pointers I will make note of.

@Ketch you make good point about the car for a long weekend.

  • I could definitely collect sitters from Milton Keynes station but it would need to be the day before we leave as we leave very early in the morning for our trip.
  • For shops… we are a mile walk to the nearest village with pubs, sandwich shop, store and butcher/grocer but alas no public transport.
    I’ll make that clear on the listing as it may help some
    Thanks again.
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Hi Therese ~ FYI, Tam + Brad’s profile link is not hyperlinked, if that is how you say, it is not "clickable to open… "

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Welcome Tam + Brad ~ Wonderful intro. So happy you are finding success with Sitters to care for Kosan and Gidi.

Oh, yes, I learned a lot from these great bits of guidance. As a new TH, and very experienced, Sitter, I am appreciative that it is encouraged to consider “we with no car, yet.”

I am newly moving to live and settle in the UK, in May 2023, but will buy a car after a thorough enjoyment of buses and trains.

It is nice to meet up the day before to orient, and spend a bit of time with the animals sensing all is well with this new friend-Sitter.

And, as a daily long-distance walker, a mile is easy, customary, and fine for me to gather things I need day by day. So, a car is a luxury I will enjoy as I do now in the USA with my car here. It helps me take my dog to the forests, and the Taos Ski Valley to run freely in the snow and get endless treats from kind people.

Thank you for being here.
Claire + Tarkina, my Assistance Dog.


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