Hello from Chepstow South Wales (UK)

Hi All,

I’m Vicki and I am a sitter and a HO. We have only been members for a couple of months but have already had 2 fantastic sits (taking our 2 lovely dogs with us on the sits) and despite our home not currently being as fantastic as some as the ones I see on THS (explained about our renovations in our profile) we quite quickly found some sitters to look after our 2 dogs for 3 weeks in July/August (we allow people who have their own dogs to sit for us too and state this in our profile so possibly why we found someone straight away). So I’m feeling pretty lucky and I think THS is a fantastic platform.

We will usually dog sit with out 2 friendly dogs Khaleesi and Indie but sometimes if sitting without them we are happy to look after other pets :-).

We aren’t really looking for sits right now but from October onwards we are interested in sits (dog sits only) in:

Machynlleth, Sheffield, York, Hebden Bridge, Kendal and Lancaster areas

and possibly somewhere over the Christmas period in the middle of nowhere with a bit of land or large enclosed garden and a log burner where we can snuggle up with a load of dogs for the Christmas period only leaving the house for dog walks :rofl: (but I think this one is wishful thinking).

As well as other areas too ofcourse but we have specific interest in those areas.

In the coming months we will have completed most of our house renovations and will have more pictures up so if anyone is ever interested in looking after a couple of lovely dogs in the Wye Valley area from September onwards, don’t hesitate to let us know as we might want to take some trips without our lovely dogs :slight_smile:

In a couple of years time we were possibly thinking of doing something great like buying a van and travelling full time with some house sitting along the way but for now that’s a pipe dream! :slight_smile:

Anyway mainly wanted to say HI! :slight_smile:


Fabulous! Welcome to the forum @VickiB
It’s a great life and you are in a great place. Enjoy and best wishes!

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Hi @VickiB and welcome to the forum. We’re a family of sitters based not too far away in Cheltenham.

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