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Hi all

My name is Daithí. I really don’t know how to use this forum or the THS service.

Basically planning an upcoming holiday and require a house sitter in Louth, Ireland to take care of our two cats. Approx 10 days end October/start November - dates would be confirmed once we know we have a sitter available. Do we source local or how do we even search. A meet and greet would be required. Appreciate any advice on how we go about this.


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Unless you find someone very local, your chances of a prior meet and greet are slim to none. Most “meetings” occur via Skype, What’sApp, etc. as most folks don’t live in the same City/Town.

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Thanks for the reply. Understand.

I can see that there are sitters available in nearby towns, how do we go about requesting a sitter? Is it only something that can be done after membership has been paid or beforehand?

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Hi @Daithi67 welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining from the beautiful Emerald Isle. You will need to join the site as a full member before you can contact sitters although you can create a free account and browse the sitters on the site.

You can search by location and once you are a member can contact those who you feel would be right for you via the secure messaging on the site.

This page from our site will answer any questions you may have TrustedHousesitters what you need to decide soon is whether or not to join and list as we are in October now.

There is also some great tips, advise and information on the website blog, articles like this one …10 questions to ask before your sitter arrives |

God luck and we look forward to having you in our community very soon.

Angela & The Team

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Hi Daithi (sorry, my keyboard doesn’t have a fada option!).

I live in Dallas now but am from Dundalk and go back fairly often. I’ve just been there, but might be interested in a future sit if it coincides with my dates. Whereabouts in Louth are you?

You can search for sitters by location on the THS website.

Hi Elaine @ElaineInDallas

Don’t worry about the absence in the fada, thankfully Daithí doesn’t translate to anything else without it :rofl:

We are based up around Ravensdale area, you will be familiar no doubt.

Certainly a possibility for future aits. When are you planning to return home next?

I love Ravensdale! Some of my favorite hikes have been from The Lumpers. I did the Carlingford Greenway with old school friends 2 weeks ago, followed by lunch in Greenore. I’m sure we know some people in common!

I don’t know when I’ll be back next. Now that I’m discovering this world of housesitting (I’m new here myself) and easing back on work so that I can travel more, I have visions of spending a few months in Europe at a time. Luckily I have an EU passport and COVID cert, so I have more freedom to travel than some.