New pet-centric sitter profile fields

I just read the August newsletter and went to update my profile and fill in the “New pet-centric sitter profile fields”. I tried to enter “chicken” as the breed of bird we have owned and cared for but was given only two options “Lesser prairie Chicken” and “Greater prairie chicken”. I’ve owned numerous chickens and have never heard of either of these terms so I googled them. These are grouses, chickenlike bird found in grasslands! I don’t see an option for what I call “farm” chickens.

I’ve looked at my profile but I don’t see where these tags are ?

Is “poultry “ an option ?

This is what I see when asked to add specific pets that I have cared for. No “poultry” option at all.

At 70 fosters plus maybe 50 additional pets that I have cared for, I can’t be bothered to complete this. People can go to my Instagram pages for details if they want them

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So many sits are including chickens that it seems like a gross oversight.

It’s almost as if whoever created that form has never looked at this website?!

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:thinking: @MissChef …… and what about livestock - sheep , goats, alpacas where do they go ? Is this a testing stage prototype or the final version that’s being rolled out ?


ROFL :rofl::rofl: i wish I knew! TH hasn’t hired me to be the UX manager…yet.

I’m officially retiring from both of my businesses on September 15th 2023.


Fish? Fresh water or salt water. We’ve taken care of both.

Ye, we had the same thing @themobileretiree , where’s a good old Black Dawn or Rhode Island Red when you want one :joy: I raised it with support a few weeks ago too. :rooster:


Don’t get me started @themobileretiree (great name BTW). I tried to complete my profile with this new stuff a while back & there are masses of omissions in the pre-populated list. My question (for I did indeed post about it somewhere) was why have such a list anyway? It can’t possibly be comprehensive and why not just allow people to fill it in themselves?
So much tinkering…so little achieved :disappointed:


The old saying…‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ comes to mind. Time and effort that could have been spent on so many other thing that matter to us all more!


“great name BTW” Thanks! Its the name of our travel blog!

@Lassie same here, put in my own past pets but can’t be bothered with doing more than 50 animals we have cared for

My question as a PP: Why on earth would I want to see a list of tiny pictures of various pets that the sitter has cared for? What information should I gain from those? They have the reviews already, and pictures of themselves with some of the pets.

I’d much prefer a cleaner looking profile with meaningful info.


I just browsed more sitter profiles, and the cartoon pictures the site puts there if you don’t upload a picture of the pet are even worse and make the profile look … untidy, cheap? And since you can’t even click the pictures for more info, I just don’t understand how should this be beneficial for me when choosing a sitter :woman_shrugging:

“This has been completely tailored to the feedback we’ve received from you all, and we believe it’s going to be a game-changer for both owners and sitters to find their perfect match.” (From a recent THS email about the new pet-centric sitter profile fields)

These changes would be awesome :star_struck:

  1. Option for HO to do and list verifications like police check the way Sitters do
  2. A tip jar prompt at the end of a sit - totally optional and allows the owner to send a token of their appreciation. Won’t be public if they don’t choose to tip.
  3. Condition report: Sitter can tick off cleanliness/not etc. of house with a photo. Include in check list: a) Bins empty b) House Clean c) Clean sheets and towels d) Pet food and care instructions supplied etc. e) Emergency funds and numbers for vet. Basically, this will encourage HO to present the house in a decent condition for the sit. Condition Report for Sitter available too. Removed complaints on both sides as both sitter and HO know they will be held accountable for what they provide the other party.
  4. Tasks you’re willing to do listed on a sitter profile.
  5. Owner must disclose as a tick-off list what services they want in exchange upfront. Eg. Pet care, Gardening, Mail etc. All other services not listed cannot be requested as part of the free arrangement, if not disclosed in listing.
  6. Linked social profiles for HO (optional) Helps to get to know them.
  7. List the actual start and end date AND time of the sit, so sitter can look at flights before confirming or even applying. With lady asking sitter to leave in middle of the night - that can’t happen again as a surprise after confirmation.
  8. Ability to select what areas as well as what dates you are free to sit. For example, I can’t do this country on these dates; but, I can do these countries/areas.
  9. Option for Sitters to list for dates/locales they desire.

Thanks for listening :heart_eyes:


@Starsitter can you work at THS? I love your ideas

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Whilst almost agreeing with you @CatsAndDog, the new photo opportunity means I can squeeze-in 10 (is it 10, I’m not sure?) pics of me with my previous charges in addition to the pics on my profile. I like that because it’s all evidence of my experience.
I haven’t changed my profile pics since 2020. I’d like to but THS have reduced the number allowed so if I try to change some my allowance drops :confused:.

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That’s a good point @Saltrams. But since you can’t enlarge the pictures, they still don’t give me any more info. Like in your profile - I’m sure the pictures are good and pets are happy in them, but I cannot really tell, because they are too small and blurry (which is not your fault!).

TH couldn’t possibly do these things; they are much too logical and helpful for both sitter and HO. That’s not the way they do things. Which is why I’ve been waiting for years for them to make the calendar user friendly, among other things. :wink:

Agree. As a HO, I don’t care what Fluffy, Fido, etc, look like or even their names. It personalizes the sitter profile, sure, but what a waste of THS tech resources to make this change and not one of the others that paying members actually want :frowning_face: