The Pet-Centric Tags (Again)

I was writing this for the “Coming Soon! New Pet-Centric Sitter Tags :paw_prints:” thread and then I saw the “New Pet-Centric Sitter Profile Fields” thread but I’m confused because those threads didn’t address the tags at all, only the other surrounding issues :thinking:

So; this post is about the pet-centric tags.
Firstly, all the following may be redundant if I just haven’t understood how these tags work. Are they real, functioning tags at all? Or are they just additional, stand alone headlines for sitter profiles?
We have all, including me, had a huge moan about the shuffling of profiles and the poorly populated animal breed list in the other threads but I would like to just return to the TAGS part of the matter. Are they searchable #TAGS?
Readers may find this uncharacteristic of me but if they are proper, functional tags I think they are a great idea and today I had an experience where the potential value was made clear to me, so I thought I would turn my hand to a bit of praise and maybe encourage THS to develop the idea.
An HO got in touch, invited us to sit actually, for the specific reason that we have experience in a particular field. They had found this out by accident while laboriously sifting sitters but it would have been so much easier with TAGS. Shouldn’t HOs be able to search using these new tags? Surely it wouldn’t be a big job to achieve this, tagging is such an integral part of everything computerised these days.

Or have I just got the wrong end of the stick as usual?


HI @Saltrams please direct this question to the Membership Services Team via or the Help Desk via Live Chat. This has also gone back to the Product Team

Thank you

Thank you @Angela_L, will do.

Very quick response from James at Membership Services: No, they aren’t real tags.

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If only they were @Saltrams they’d be far more useful as a filter.


Hi @Saltrams

At some point, working towards making it easier for owner and sitters to find each other with i.e. relevant Pet care experience or listings with certain amenities.

Good to hear that you have found a potential sit through the new pet fields.

Many Thanks, Ben

“working towards making it easier for owner and sitters to find each other”

What? It makes it easier for HOs to search for sitters but sitters still have many obstacles to go over to even apply for a sit.