New to house sitting - can you apply to more than one sit?

Hi everyone,

This is my first time on coming on here and not sure I am doing it correctly. Can you apply for a few sits at the same time?

looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Hi @Michelle welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, if you are talking about posting to the forum yes, if using TrustedHousesitters as a sitter member, you have come to the right place for help and advice from other members.

There are new and experienced sitter & owner members and everything in between.

You can apply for more than one sit at a time but you only ever accept one and if you have an invitation from an owner and accept and have other offers the best practice is to let other owners know that you won’t be available.

Before applying for sits spend as much time as you can crafting your profile. Be sure to add up to date references as well, after reading your application, owner members use your profile in the selection process.

If you are traveling with children it’s really worth looking at asking a teacher, coach or leader to say a few words about them, after all parents are biased, having an unbiased “reference” adds really does help give an owner insights and include pictures of the children with animals.

Communication ,is key to success as a TrustedHousesitters member, whether pre, on or post sit clear and accurate communication is so important.

There are lots of great sitter articles on the website blog like this one How to choose the perfect pictures for your sitter profile |

I will now “hand over” to our amazing community …

Michelle I’m also going to Direct Message you about your profile.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela & the Team

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@Michelle - clarification, @Angela-CommunityManager means one for the same time period. You can book as many sits as your calendar can handle. Enjoy this new lifestyle for you - it can be oh so rewarding :slight_smile:


@Michelle as @Snowbird says you can book in advance. There are many sitters with sits booked months in ahead, especially those who sit full time. The only caveat to that is once sits are confirmed they should never be cancelled, except in extreme circumstances and so it’s important to plan accordingly.

Thank you @Snowbird :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome @Michelle!
Yes! Don’t be shy to ask any questions and share your adventures.

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@Michelle yes @Angela-CommunityManager is right with that and a strong profile with references along with good and speedy communication is key to happy sitting. I have just replied to @Els and you might want to have a look at what is said there about running all conversations through your THS inbox as it gives you a accurate record of whats been agreed. When I feel comfortable with the HO who had locked me in, I will give my mobile number and sometimes my email but I always back up anything said on those to my THS inbox eg ‘…it was nice talking to you by phone and we have agreed…’ When you are looking at sits be realistic about what you take on eg can you manage a big dog that might pull on the lead? Do you really want to take on 20 cats? What is it going to cost to get to and from the sit and if I have sits back to back will I be able to get between them in good time for a decent handover? I could go on but there will be lots of other sitters to chip in. Welcome to the forum and DM anytime if you want a sitters perspective. All the best.


Hi Thanks so much for the communication.

My friend wants to do a reference but I have only looked after her house and plants and not pets so she cannot give me stars for that.

She can’t seem to send as she can’t put stars on the pet section??

Can you help?

What is THS box? Sorry you have to explain, getting there but a bit slow.

Does THS been Trusted house sitters?

Thanks Angela

Hi Thanks so much for the communication.

My friend wants to do a reference but I have only looked after her house and plants and not pets so she cannot give me stars for that.

She can’t seem to send as she can’t put stars on the pet section??

Can you help?

What is THS box? Sorry you have to explain, getting there but a bit slow. is that Trusted house sitters?

Hi @Michelle THS is an abbreviation for TrustedHousesitters … apologies for that …

Your referee should have the option to just leave pet care blank, are they getting an error that won’t let them?


The other option is for the referee send us this info to If they are experiencing difficulties with providing a reference and Membership Services will be more than happy to manually upload it for you.

In order for them to do so, can you please provide the following information.

  • Reference type (personal, character, house/pet sitting, job or landlord)

  • Members name (your name)

  • Members email address (one linked with the TrustedHousesitters account)

  • Their written reference

  • A star rating for the following categories out of 5 (with 5 out of 5 being the highest)

  • Organised, Reliable, Self-sufficient, Tidy, Pet Care.

I’m also going to send @Katie-MembershipServices your details and she will look into this also.


Thanks for that. I am changing my profile pic and will not put my email or mobile unless I feel comfortable with them!!.
I’m so sorry,

What or where do I find my email account with you? I know my email account but not sure the members

It just lets me log in?

I will email my friend, she has written one but she needs to do the rest!.

Thanks again.

@Michelle THS box is your Inbox for conversations between you and HOs. The tech people will help you with the reference query or contact @Angela-CommunityManager . cheers

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thank you very much

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Hi Angela,

I hope you are doing well.

I am sorry, I am having a hard time with the website. I am not good at doing things like this. I am trying and making changes. So bear with me. I got feedback from one of the HO and they said that they were scared that my husband had an allergy. I remember writing that but thought that I deleted it and have been trying to find out where I wrote it and delete it as he would not be coming along to the house sit. Please could you help me find it or even better, delete it for me?

Secondly, one of the referees, I want to delete. Can I do that? I asked her to only give feedback on the pet care not a character reference but initially she said yes and then said she wanted to keep it as that. So, can you delete her? Or do I have to keep her on there?

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Michelle, just a quick note before @Angela-CommunityManager is back on line to continue your conversation. I’ve just deleted the full name of your referee to maintain her privacy her in the open forum. Just in case you wonder where it’s gone :slight_smile:

Thanks Vanessa,

I am getting there but still making mistakes.

Is it important that I get 5 starts? I haven’t got five stars from everyone? I still want my referee to be delelted.

Thanks again.



Hi again Michelle, no worries… we all make mistakes :slight_smile: You’ll soon get the hang of finding your way around I’m sure.

Around the issue of references we have to maintain the integrity of the review system, so it’s not possible for members to delete these themselves.

In the case of any queries around references, reviews or feedback, our members (sitters or owners) need to discuss specific cases with membership services. The best thing now is to email them and see what advice they can give you - they are a great team with years of experience in helping our new members. The email is: Good luck and we hope you are soon reporting back to tell us about your first sits with TrustedHousesitters!!

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Hi Michelle no need to apologise we are here to help one another and thank you @Vanessa-Admin I will take a look at your profile again …

I have DM’d you again …

None of us should ever forget that we all started in the same place … at the beginning!

We will get you there. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Michelle hello and welcome to the forum! I am a sitter and have been with THS for about three years; there are other sitters who have been around for alot longer. Just to let you know that we all started where you are now and we are always learning! Get in touch anytime if you want to ask something no matter how small or large. Most of the people working for THS either have animals of their own or (as in the case of @Vanessa-Admin and @Angela-CommunityManager ) have a huge amount of experience of being a sitter and of all the sites I have seen involving pet and house-sitting, I think you have landed at the right one! Enjoy travelling by looking after animals…you will make some great memories!