New to site sitters refuse to provide contact info

Hi @Dogwood, as @Silversitters says: it’s not just about you offering (= confirming) the sit to them, the invited sitter has to subsequently ACCEPT the sit.

If the sitter has not accepted the sit, then there’s no deal. If so, I would immediately put your listing up on THS again and see if you can get a last-minute sitter. The sitter is only confirmed if they have actually accepted the sit, not yet when you choose them.

When we have found suitable sitters we usually exchange phone numbers for a WhatsApp call right away and schedule it as soon as possible.
Then both of us decide if it’s a yes, most of the time during the call.

I always tell the sitters that I will first decline all the others personally before I hit the confirm button, which might take a few minutes. At this time I have already prepared a decline letter, which I can send out right away. It normally doesn’t take long until the accept message pops up.

If it’s a long time ahead I contact the sitters at least once a month to catch up and hear if they will still go ahead with the sit and if there were no reply within a reasonable time frame, I would cancel them and look for others.

Nobody has to be online 24/7 but normally it’s possible to answer within 24 hrs.
In case the sitters or us are not going to be online for a longer period of time, we usually have talked about this earlier.
For example, last year we were in Botswana and for 14 days without internet connection. Any sitter for a later sit, who I was already in contact with, would have been aware of this.

Of course being new to the concept possibly made you wait too long for a response and now your only chance is to find someone last minute.


Bluehorse, the sitter confirmed, we accepted, we have a green check mark, sit is confirmed. This morning, I asked support to call sitter. They said they would call and give him 48 hrs to respond and confirm. Otherwise we must cancel and pray for divine intervention!

As a sitter it’s imperative to me to have good communication from the get go…I always provide my cell information on my application so the HO and I can set up a video chat. This is very disheartening what you’re going through and I hope you find someone suitable soon. On the flip side I’ve had similar scenarios with HO’s who are not very communicative, although it’s usually because the sit is several months out. Anyway, I sincerely hope your situation id rectified soon. Just know that there are good sitters out there.

Dont accept Pet Sitter without talking to them on a video call.
When I apply for sitting I always send my Whatsapp number right away.
Then we have a call. And only then send an invitation.
If sitter dont reply quickly within a few hours then forget them. Then they are not reliable anyway or unsure about the dates and it will make you trouble.

Thank you Cat goddess 99, I need my faith in humanity restored! Still hoping it will all work out…

Sitters may need to talk with each other or with others. They may need to investigate airfares, exact travel details, pet care for their own pets, etc, etc.

Edit: Of course it depends a bit on how far in the future the sit is.

And that’s exactly what they could tell the HO and still be responsive.

Hi All Kind People who responded to my post!
Ashley in Customer Service called the sitter and he contacted us!
He is coming. I am so happy, I am ready to buy his airplane ticket…
I learned alot from this first experience and I hope it means that it will be smooth sailing from now on, fingers crossed. Cheers, Dogwood


Hey there!

That sounds super stressful. The behaviour you’ve experienced is not the norm or what any of us would expect. It’s pretty appalling. I may repeat some of what others have said but I’d recommend the following:

  • Incorporate a video call with your HS around the same time you’ve confirmed into your vetting process; I basically tell people I’d like to video chat with them and make sure I’m available within hours of a day of their submission, I then work to get back to them with a finalised decision post video call within 24 hours-ish, so that they’re not waiting or blocked but video calls are a mandatory step before finalising for me, with contact information being collected automatically as part of this initial step
  • If I’m going to consider a sitter’s app, I include my contact number in that first response back and tell them to reach out to me so that we can progress and finalise details
  • Communicate the expectation that you’ll be checking in at xyz intervals to make sure you’re still on track and to let you know if anything has changed (i.e. over communication doesn’t hurt)
  • contact membership services and explain the situation…have them reach out to the HS, if still no response, cancel ASAP and look again
  • you may want to revisit your vetting process and set clearer expectations around what comms look like for you
  • I also tend to just by default have check-ins from time to time with upcoming sitters (soft check points), to tell me things like when they know their flight is confirmed so we know when to expect them, I send our guides separately because we have three and then check to make sure they’ve read through them and have any questions,…i.e. we have multiple touchpoints leading up to a sit so if any of those go cold, I know something’s up sooner rather than later.

I hope it all works out and, as suggested, if you’re struggling with a placement still,

  • if a premium member, get that insurance claim going
  • post on here for last minute sits
  • and just for good measure, make sure you have some local back ups registered and ready to go for in future (i.e. make sure your pet is registered or that you’ve connected with some options in case you need to get coverage in the event that TH app is unable to provide coverage)

This does make me wish that there was an option for us to show when someone is a ghosted :laughing:

This is for sure. I am a sitter myself. I am not a pet owner. But this original post was about sitter not answering. If I know that I wrote applications I look into my mail account answer. It can just be an answer like " I need to check something and come back to you later" This is what I mean. I am just trying to be very reliable and transparent as a sitter.

@Dogwood You are buying your sitters plane ticket? Or did I read that wrong? That’s very generous of you, if you are.

@Timshazz No, I think it’s just an expression of relief or delight, right @Dogwood? E.g. I’m so happy, I can kiss you right now.

Tongue in cheek @Timshazz lol

@kaliom Some Sitters might work full time and not check personal messages until the end of the work day. In general, I believe that a response time within 12-24 hours is very reasonable, especially considering international time differences as well.

Another consideration: occasionally people go on a hiking trip or similar and may be out of touch for a week or two. If I have upcoming Sits scheduled, I inform the Owners that I will be gone for X days and unavailable. Someone could also have a full day of travel and not on the internet at all. Or they have a viral illness and not feeling well for a few days.

All of your points are extremely valid and I will incorporate those
changes to my profile and my advance planning. With this first sit, I
honestly didn’t think I would get any responses so I jumped the gun.
Lesson learned. This guy has re-confirmed but we still don’t know when
he will arrive on the same day we take off. So it’s still super
stressful but I am more positive that it will work out. And I have a

He’s debating plane vs train, and I want him to arrive early enough so
we can meet and go over everything. I’m in the biz and have a few
credits in my pocket, and I am that desperate!

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@Dogwood a lovely gesture and I totally get how desperate you are but please don’t set a precedent for him by paying for anything. Maybe won’t but “could” expect similar with future sits.

He has had more than enough time to organise himself and transport, he accepted your sit knowing transport was involved and hasn’t exactly been easy to deal with. I’m getting a really bad feeling about this sitter so I pray for your sake that it all works out well in the end and everyone is happy :pray:


The HO is not responsible for paying for a sitter’s transportation and I think doing so is a mistake.


I appreciate your concern and I agree that his behavior doesn’t warrant
a reward! Being able to check him out with his name, and available
online info has given me a better feeling that he is a respectable
person who for whatever reason is a bit lackadaisical. Yes I am praying
but I also am setting up two people as my back up. They won’t be live-in
but they will be here if it all goes pear-shaped. That’s the best I can
do at this point. I can’t start a last minute sit request for the third
go round, I just can’t…