New to the Community but not THS

Hi, I’m Bridget and I live in the Isle of Man we have been a member of THS since 2015. We have met many great sitters over the years, who have come from all over the World to look after Minnie our cat.


Hi @Bridget and welcome to the forum. Isle of Man is one place in the UK I’d love to visit but rarely see listings there. And is Minnie a Manx??

Hi @Bridget and welcome to the forum. Minnie is adorable and will certainly attract some sitters. Looking at your listing, I noticed that the only inside photo is of a bedroom. You will read on the forum that sitters like to see where they will be living. I suggest you add photos of the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.


Hi Snowbird,

Thank you for your welcome.

Will add more photos thanks for the suggestion.

Do you know how I would add a link to my profile?

Thank you,

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Hi @Bridget Yes, I’ll add a link to the instructions next. Just click on that link and you’ll see the steps to take.

How to add a link to a listing to your forum profile

You have a great collection of positive reviews from sitters, which are important. However, with times changing, having those photos are an added help. I hope all goes well for you.

Thanks Snowbird. I now added some more photos! :smiling_face:
Will now look at adding the link.

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@Bridget your added photos are excellent and will certainly be helpful to sitters viewing your listing. Your link is working too. :clap:

Many thanks for your help.


May thanks for your help

Hi @Bridget your home and Minnie look like a really inviting sit. We can’t do your current sit dates but I’ve tagged your listing with a heart in case it comes up again while we are house sitting in the UK for a few months from December 2022. We are a retired couple, non smokers, from Australia. Our details are on the link in our profile. Regards, Jenny

Hi Jenny,
That would be great. Hope to see you on the Isle of Man sometime.
Regards, Bridget

i agree about the photos. i feel it’s just as important to see where i’m going to be living. no photos, i move on

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