New to the forum - happy to be here!

Looking for some advice and listing feedback. We had a sitter cancel a confirmed sit in Massachusetts. Since we re-listed the sit, we have had no applicants. I’ve reached out to a couple of folks who saved our profile, but no luck yet. Any thoughts on how to make a short sit appealing to a capable sitter?

Hi @mburri58
It must be so upsetting when a confirmed sitter cancels. I hope there was a good excuse as a sitter should only cancel owing to an emergency.
I’ve had a look at your listing and certainly your house, dogs and location look great. It’s a short sit so would likely attract people local to you.
Can I suggest that you rearrange the photos and put the dogs’ pics at the beginning. The bed that you show looks like a sofa bed, is that right? If so that could be off putting to potential sitters. Is there another bedroom that could be used?
You say there is a dog flap and fenced yard which is great but how long can the dogs be left?
These are just a few things but am sure others will have suggestions.
Good luck!

Thank you, Smiley, for your suggestions. I will do some work on our listing - especially the bed photo. I can see where that might be off-putting. And I do want the dogs to be the reason someone applies to our sit!

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