New to Trusted Housesitters - Great to be here!

Greetings everyone,
I hope you are all well and healthy.
It is a pleasure to be on this Forum, and I look forward to being a resource to all of you as well as listen and learn from (all) your encounters and adventures.
Last week I did my first Pet / Housesitting assignment and it was a fantastic experience. Already looking for my next one, possibly next week.
Love dogs and cats and generally speaking all animals, and can’t wait to travel throughout the USA as well as to other countries and continents. I am originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, though lived in London for almost four years and in the USA for almost 4 decades … If you have any questions about Europe, feel free to reach out.
In case you have specific tips - please share!
Enjoy your summer and the next ‘sitting’. Hope to hear from you soon.
Safe travels,

I am also looking at leasing or buying a (Road / RV, Small Bus or other) vehicle - let me know if you own one and or are looking for someone to share the expenses.


Welcome @CulturalExpert to Trusted Housesitters and to the Forum. It’s great to have experienced travelers who can share their experiences with the community. Also, here you will also find lots of help with anything you may have questions about.

I see you have not linked your profile to your forum account and you may want to do that for maximum exposure and best experiences with the entire THS community. To do so, please follow the link below:

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Once again, welcome to the forum…we look forward to hearing about all your new adventures!

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Hello and Welcome, CulturalExpert. I enjoyed reading your introduction to the THS forum community. The first sit is special and I’m glad that it went well for you. I was impressed at how well you write and I look forward to reading more of your posts. There is a plethora of information on the forum for housesitters and homeowners. One thread that I particularly enjoy reading is at this link: (What’s your top tip for new house sitters?). It’s helpful to both new and experienced housesitters. But really, there are other threads that can be found on just about any housesitting/homeowner question that you may have. I find that the search function is quite effective.

Good luck in your future sits and in finding a van. Cheers.


Thank you so much, that is so kind, appreciate you reaching out. Have a great weekend!


Hi and welcome :grin:

You may be aware of this already but in the US there are RV relocations available very very cheap.
They advertise at a dollar a day but after all the add-ons it usually comes out at around 25 a day.
Sometimes these are brand new RVs straight from the factory too.

If you Google “imoova one dollar rentals” there is often a dozen or so available.
Unfortunately there are none at the moment but it is worth checking that site every couple of weeks if that would be something you’re interested in.