New to Trusted Housesitters!

Hello everyone!

My name is Sam. I’ve recently decided to start my travel adventure that was cut short by covid. I’m visiting Lisbon from the 1st November and will hope to guide my travel using Trusted Housesitters as inspiration.

A little about me: I am 34 years old and I run my own web design/development company which means I can work anywhere there’s an internet connection. I love to meet people and enjoy new cultures, I have a podcast about technology and play guitar (although that will have to be put on hold while i travel). I like to make people laugh and try to be as faithful and trustworthy as possible - these are 2 values I live by.

Hope to meet some of you soon.

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Hello @samuelgregory. Welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community forum. Thanks for jumping in and telling us a bit about you. Like most of us here, I’m sure you’ll get lots of travel inspiration and opportunities here at TrustedHousesitters and especially the forum.

One thing many of our new forum members do is include a link to their sitter profiles in their forum profiles. Then you can ask forum members to have a look at your profile and offer suggestions and tips to fine tune it. That has helped many of our new members hit the ground running, so to speak, as sitters.

How long will you be in Lisbon?


Welcome @samuelgregory. I’m a relatively new sitter myself after joining mid May of this year but now on my 6th sit. I too have turned into a part time digital nomad. Fast internet is fairly normal nowadays or fast enough for me to work remotely.
THS is great. I’ve already discovered some new and interesting places, some super interesting pet parents of course lots of new fur babies!
Good luck with your plans.


Hey @Karen-Moderator, I’m not sure how long I will be in Lisbon for. One-way ticket and a bag of hope! Because of brexit, I can’t stay longer than 3 months anyway :angry: but hey ho.

How do I get my profile link? I click on my profile and I’m taken to the edit version /user/profile/edit/profile-preview. I want to get the public link.

Great to meet you @richten1 do you have a homebase or are you constantly moving? I’m curious about how easy it is to line up housesits. Seems to me it’s just about airbnb in between unless I’m very lucky.

Hi @samuelgregory and a warm welcome to our friendly pet loving community! I’m also a house sitter who travels and works remotely - it’s a fabulous way to live! By coincidence, I’m currently on a house sit in France surrounded by guitars and musical instruments - the owner is a local musician.

But I digress… I’m jumping in here as Karen is off for a few days, to let you know I’ve added your profile link to your listing. While doing this I had a quick peek at your info and just love those cute chihuahua’s :heart_eyes: One thing, if not already on your list, is to reach out for some references, having just 3 character refs when starting out increases your chances of being selected, we are are told.

Enjoy Lisbon… I’m seeing a lot of house sitters in Portugal at the moment. You never know you might bump into one or two! All the best, Vanessa

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I have a flat in London. Some of the more experienced sitters can fill their year ahead with sits. I’ve not tried tbh. I have a bucket list of places I’d like to sit and will apply when these come up.