New York Marathon - Running Pet Parents

To all my wonderful friends, pet parents, home owners, sitters running the New York Marathon this weekend…
All the very best!
May the wind be at your back and all your little ones back home be well cared for!
Have fun!


Runners always have my respect as it’s something I’ve never been able to do over distance! Walking, cycling but not running … cramped calves always :slight_smile: Have you ever run a marathon or part of @Amparo ? Do we have any keen “runners” here in the forum?


Back in the years of my youth, I was more of a sprinter but loved cycling. Today, me and my walking stick are good for a few miles.
But I have met and sat for some extraordinary athletes, marathon runners, triathlon champions! I have such deep respect and admiration for these amazing people.
One of my long time friends and pet parents in London is doing her 88th marathon and this one in NY will be her third time there. She is EXTRAordinary and her wife is also a champion in her own right, also marathoner.

Gentleman I sit for in South Carolina just did this this past weekend

I love keeping up with them and cheering them, supporting them and their causes.
Here on the forum, I know one special lady.
Come on out @RunnerC
I want to hear all about it!


I ran the London Marathon in 2005 aged 48. While I was disappointed not to do it in under 5 hrs (my time was 5:4:10) it was the best day of my life. I would love to think I’d run another when I’m 70….
Yes, I echo @Amparo with my good wishes for the NY Marathon and hoping there’s no wind or rain!


We are keen runners but not long distance. We normally do a 5k run every other day. This was yesterdays effort!


I’ve run the NYC marathon, plus 9 others, but my marathon days are over. I still run a lot, and some of my friends have done 50, 60, ++ marathons, but I have no desire to join that club!

This time of year is busy with marathons. Chicago was a month ago, Dublin was 2 weeks ago, and more. Spring and Fall/Autumn are peak marathon times. Training for a Fall marathon is brutal here in Texas, because the long runs (18-22 miles usually) are in the hottest months of the year.