New Zealand drops Covid Restrictions

In the night from Monday to Tuesday NZ drops the Covid restrictions. That are good news for house sitting!

German News Handelsblatt:

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Thank you for sharing this @KerstinAndFrank and I’ve attached an English report from the Guardian to add to your German report.

Just want to add for anyone reading this please do check before making any travel plans that there are no restrictions remaining for your entry to any country by reading the official government websites for travel, immigration and visas for your nationality and individual circumstances. Thanks all, but this is good news!


This is great news for me as I’m flying to NZ on 31/10 with 6 housesits booked so far!


Kia ora Aotearoa! :heart:

Thank you for sharing as I’ve been thinking of seeking out sits in New Zealand. Been to Australia on a sit but never N.Z.

Hurrah! Love New Zealand…… they sure know how to do hospitality, great food, lovely scenery, clean & safe.

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Tis very odd not wearing a face mask anymore :thinking:. Folks i’ve spoken to also felt a bit odd but all good.

If you’re coming down to NZ, please be nice to cafe/rest/hotel/pool staff etc as there’s still a severe staff shortage & some places are struggling. Don’t expect all the cafes/shops to be open at airports. Just be mindful of this as tourists :+1:.


@RunnerC that’s a good reminder to all of us, no matter where we’re going. Here in the US we’re still facing staffing shortages in many customer-facing positions, too. I’m guessing the same if being experienced in many other places.

It’s not fun when something we expect to be open / available / quick isn’t, but taking our frustration out on the staff that are there trying to help us sends the message that maybe they too should look for other employment. And that doesn’t solve anyone’s problem (well, maybe it solves the under-appreciated former customer-facing worker’s problem :rofl:)


What @RunnerC says for Australia too! Many businesses have signs up asking for customers to be patient due to staff shortage. Please remember it’s not the poor employee’s fault that service is slow due to staff shortages or prices have increased due to increased business costs. I would call out another customer’s bad behaviour if I witnessed them having a go at a staff member. Choose kindness…