NZ border update today 15 March 2022


For everyone wondering about exact dates etc, there’s a border announcement this morning & not too far away. If you want to watch it live, it’ll be on the news site below.

If you need a rental vehicle, weep at this article :sob::sob:


Thank you @RunnerC great news … !!!

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Yay!! My favourite country & only a “domestic” flight from Brisbane, Australia. Can’t wait to get back.


WOOHOO, Such wonderful news. Thank you for sharing :heart:

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Interesting. I found a very cheap car rental company in New Zealand when I was there July 2019-Jan 2020…. of course I can’t remember the name!

It would have been cheap then as was pre covid…Things have changed & people need to know that prior to heading here.

Ok, pre departure tests & RAT tests on arrival then on day 3.

You’ll still have to wear masks & should you test positive at any stage, you’ll need to self isolate. Currently 7 days but that needs to be clarified for future visitors.

Our red light settings including vaccine passes, density limits still around. That’ll be updated next week.

Please understand staffing levels are still an issue & be patient if something isn’t as fast as what it is in other places round the planet. Hopefully some of the restaurants & cafes closed over covid will reopen.

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Was it Apex? We’ve been using them for almost the entire time we’ve been in here. They’ve given us a cheap monthly rate and their customer service is great.

This is great news.
I got married in NZ. In a tiny place called Whitford near Auckland.
I’d go back in a flash if i could!


Air New Zealand reveals new launch date for non-stop New York flights | :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Also, more updates today. Live: Vaccine pass mandates to go, scanning in no longer required |

So, if you’re coming from overseas where masks have been discarded, keep them as they’re here to stay in NZ for now. Also,our traffic light system will still be used.