Yayyyy! Good news on the Trans-Tasman bubble!

We’re breathing many sighs of relief :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Many moons ago,we managed to secure a booking in NZ hotel quarantine for later this month as need to see elderly parent,friends,family. We gathered good coffee, good books & other bits thinking of how to manage…

The trans tasman bubble has sort of been open one way for a while but not aus to nz without quarantine…As of the 19th April, it’s now both ways but with many flyer beware etc etc. Can’t be any worse than internal oz borders closing/opening at a moment’s notice when a few covid cases pop up lately.


I know lots of families are about to be reunited. Some friends booked their flights the minute the news came out, and for the first day. Going to be some happy tears!