A travel question for our German members

Crystal ball time! Here in the UK, today in our national news it has been reported that Angela Merkel has failed in her attempts to reimpose a national lockdown due to opposition from the government.
Will she try again? And if so, when? Is it likely that a national lockdown might be reimposed over Chrismas and New Year? I ask because I have a BA flight to Munich, Dec 31st.

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@LTD ; hard to say. It is not Angela’s decision anymore but that of the new government. A lockdown would be the last resort in case of further burden on the public health system, especially a shortage in the available ICU capacity. And - the situation in Germany is complicated because of the federal political structure. Restrictions might differ between different federal states. However, I am pretty sure that some sort of “lockdown lite” will apply to non-vaccinated persons in the near future.
What would I do? There are probably better times to visit Munich. Be prepared for contact restrictions and restrictions on public life and Ne Year’s eve parties ;-).
And what would Boris be up to if infection rates in Germany rises even more? Self isolation and quarantine upon return to UK?
I can fully understand your uncertainty. We have a sit in Luxembourgh over Xmas for a HO who flies to the US. So we keep a wary eye on the international Covid development.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I agree with @Susanne-Manfred
There might be local lockdowns (there are some already) even for fully vaccinated people, especially in the most affected areas, which includes unfortunately, Munich.
We are going to know more tomorrow, because the new government with chancellor Olaf Scholz (Frau Merkel will be out of office soon) will present the new rules.
What is known so far is that a mandatory vaccination will come and probably restrictions for non vaccinated people. They will only be allowed to go to supermarkets and grocery stores, no other shops and facilities. However if there will also be restrictions for fully vaccinated people isn’t clear yet. I guess that at least negative test results will be necessary for vaccinated people to go to restaurants (if they will not be closed). I think Bars and discotheques will be closed but I don’t think this is of interest to you.
I would recommend, if you are going to do the sit, to at least get the booster shot before traveling, because this might be a future criteria. At the moment it’s not relevant but it might become so quite soon. There will be an expiration date on the vaccination, not clear yet if it’s going to be 6 or 9 months, but my guess would be 6. So, depending on the date of your last shot, rather be safe on this side…not at least for yourself.