Newbee here

Hi everyone. My name is Bonnie and I’m new on this forum. Loving the idea of pet sitting whilst seeing the world. :slight_smile: some of my favorite things all in one! Fur babies, Beasties, creepy crawlies et all.

SO ! I’m from South Africa currently traveling through the USA with my Husband Mark. Back home we have several fur babies and living on a small holding have had the pleasure of some wild beasties too. I’ve owned and looked after HOrses, donkeys, pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks and geese, cats, critters, cows etc etc. I am skilled at wound treatment and medication too.

We both love animals and getting our animal fix whilst traveling is really special. luckily we work online so travel and work is not a problem as long as we have good internet connection.

I am an Alternative health practitioner and my husband a Global coach. We are comfortable handling, treating and looking after a large variety of animals and as vintage models ourselves have almost seen it all.

We look forward to our adventure of pet sitting and experiencing new areas in this beautiful country.

We have also been extremely well received and already have 3 sits booked for October. SO EXCITING!!
Anyway enough about me - cant wait to meet all the new animals along the way.


Hi @Bonnie what a great introduction, thank you for joining us from beautiful South Africa via your journey through the USA … three sits booked, congratulations!! Where are they and what pets will you be looking after.

Hi to Mark also … enjoy connecting with our community members around the world and we look forward to sharing in your THS journey … would love to see some pics of your “back home, home”

Angela and the Team

hi there,
the first sit is in Portland- Oregon, looking after 2 kitty cats
second one is a cat and dog in Hansville - Washington state. AND then late Novemember we are going to Colorado in the mountains Woodland Park to look after dogs, cats, ducks, horse and snake and who knows what else :slight_smile: loving it !!
I will take photos of each sit and share the experience


Hi @Bonnie!
Wow how exciting! Well done and welcome to the forum.


Hi Bonnie! Welcome! :slight_smile:


That sounds amazing … cannot wait to see the pics and hear about all of your sits.


thanks all :slight_smile: super excited and will post pics when I get to my first (second ) sit – the first one was cancelled at the last minute which left me feeling a little surprised as I had literally no notice. :frowning: anyhow we booked into a hotel and loving the experience all the same !

loved the surprise in Idaho when we found that beautiful gorge - photo attached. and the little blue bird in Washington soooo cute


Welcome Bonnie, good idea to show the map of your journey
I do regret so much not to have known THS years ago. In order to do what you do : sits and hôtels in between when you want to discover a country. It’s fantastic.
I plan to do that in New Zealand, smaller than US but can’t go there.