Newbi.. need help adding references

I’m trying to add references. There’s no place for me to add an email address, no way to get a link. I’m lost and completely stumped on how to add references.


Hi @cwfnic , welcome to Trusted house sitters.

Go to your dashboard and click on your profile name/icon - a dropdown list will appear

click on ‘your profile’

Then scroll down to ‘your references’

click on ‘edit’ then ‘request reference’



Colin’s Instructions should look like the following


The question is…WHERE is my unique link? Nothing happens when I hit “email” or"link" to give me anything to send

Hi @cwfnic You have sent your reference requests
So you don’t need to do anything more …

Does that help?

No, it doesn’t.
No email window popped up asking me for email addresses so there’s no way anything got sent.

Hello @cwfnic I am more than happy to help. I will direct message you so that I can share some of your account screenshots, showing your reference requests. I will also ask Membership Services to reach out to you should you need more assistance.