Newbies to the fold!

Hello my wife and I are recently retired. We live in Smithfield Virginia. We are now starting to travel and experiencing new site and adventures.
I heard and read about home and pet sitting. Really don’t know where to start but we excited for this new adventure. Joining this forum good help get us yes on a good path to becoming experienced Is home and pet sitters. Looking forward to the conversations the conversations your experience and knowledge. We are open to any tips and tricks of the trade.


Hello @dglover67

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your retirement! I myself got introduced to THS in 2017 and started pet sitting with my husband in early 2018. We are now pet and home owners so we have used THS many times when we go out of town for work or pleasure.

I see that you are not yet members so the forum is a perfect place to read up on other members experiences and how they got started pet sitting. Do you have any specific questions that our members can help answer for you?

Have you had any pets in the past or currently have any pets? Where will you travel to first now that you are retired?


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