Newbies! What do we need to know?

We’ve just got started with our first listing…

Obviously hoping for a great response… does anyone have any tips for how we can make ours an attractive stay? Is there any way to see how many clicks a listing has had?


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Hi Sophia!
As an experienced sitter, I took a look at your profile and it looks very lovely! I think it’s quite well-rounded and provides the perfect amount of info without being too overwhelming, and you have plenty of great photos too! The only thing I would maybe suggest is adding whether you have a parking space available, and if a sitter should have their own car or could borrow yours. I would also maybe add in there whether or not you have a dog flap, how the dog is with car rides, and how long the pets should be left on their own for.
I see that you already have 1 applicant, so well done and I hope it works out well for you!
All the best :blush:


Hi @llsophiall
Welcome to this wonderful world and well done with your first listing.
If you use the search icon (magnifying class in the top right hand corner of the forum) you’ll find lots of people have asked this question. I haven’t looked at your listing but @Nagy26 already has so do take that advice and good luck!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to look through and for the feedback; it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

We’ll add those bits and I think we’re well on our way!

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Thanks Smiley, will take a look!

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You’re very welcome - feel free to ask any questions if you need something and I wish you the very best of luck! :blush:

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Welcome @llsophiall.
See you’ve already had an applicant! Congrats.
I’d change the order of your photos so your beautiful cat and dog photo is first. There’s a great photo of them together. I’d use that. Just my 2 cents.

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@llsophiall I agree that more detail about your pets will be helpful. As well as what’s already been suggested, my questions would be:

  • How long (time or distance) is a usual walk for Poppy, and are they usually just once a day or more often?
  • Is Ben an indoor-only cat or does he also go outside?
  • Where do they both sleep? If in the same bedroom as you, is that flexible? If on or in your bed, sitters will want to know that in advance.

Many owners are also including in their listing:

  • any restrictions on smoking/vaping
  • details of if visitors are allowed - if you are flexible on that, you may want to stipulate whether daytime only, or overnight, or only after discussion with you before sit is confirmed, for example
  • if you will or will not allow sitters with their own pets
  • any age range for children, if you have those requirements

Take the Devon bit out of your profile, I quickly scanned it and originally thought you were in Devon before I read-read it. Don’t focus on what you are up to, you can do that with your favourite applicant to build a rapour when you are trying to see if they are right for you.

Also, no-one will know where Redmarley is at first glance unless they are from your area (I didn’t :heart_eyes:). So how do sitters know you are in a location they would like to visit… unless they look at the map? What some owners would do, is pop their main location as say Cheltenham, Gloucester, or Worcester rather than Redmarley, ie whichever is most desirable in visitor numbers. Then pop Redmarley among the text part to describe how many miles you are from those places, which you’ve already done anyway.

Lovely pics by the way, beautiful xx

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Thanks @richten1 thats a really great idea. They are the stars of the show after all :slight_smile:

@Snowbird some really awesome advice there - and all things I would probably look for too so thanks for that. We’ve accepted an applicant now and I’m getting ready to put up another listing for November so will tweak!

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@HappyDeb thanks for that :slight_smile: I forget Redmarley isn’t the centre of the world…!

One of our selling points is that we’re so close to lots of different things and it’s not so easy to get across. But I think you’re right about choosing one area as our most recognisable spot.

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Hey hey!
@llsophiall welcome to the community! Lovely to meet another Sophia :joy:
Thank you everyone for providing such a warm welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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