New here, can't fathom whats needed and what's not

Ive no idea if ive added the right information or where to start really.

I’ve definitely created my first sitter wanted post however Idont think I’ve showcased my home as well as could be so I am in the process of updating the images to better ones my photography is leaving alot to be desired currently.

Welcome @Boobelles
Just took a look at your listing. Some suggestions on your photos. Good first picture. Then I’d have pics of your cats. Next sitters like to see pictures of sitting room, kitchen, bedroom where sitter will sleep and the bathroom sitter will use.
I notice you mention driving times to Birmingham etc but might be worth mentioning if there are bus stops nearby and times via public transport to places.
Also worth mentioning local shops and how far from your home.
Good luck.

Hey, welcome. The first thing to do is have a read of this recent post about common mistakes in listings.

I think that will take you a long way, but my overarching counsel is: what makes your home and location somewhere someone might want to visit?


I like to see a photo of the exterior of the house, plus a yard if there is one (which you did include), and maybe a look at the neighborhood. I don’t need multiple photos of your pets. One of each will suffice for me. One good photo per room is usually enough, too.

I think you did a good job of explaining where sitters will stay, what to expect from the house, and what you expect sitters to do for your pets.

I agree with others, I’d start with pictures of the living space and maybe include a few more angles and a photo of the craft room so sitters can get a sense of the space. We all love pets so you don’t need loads of photos of then, just one really nice one of each pet so people can see what they look like.
This could be a really nice sit for someone - good luck and I hope you find them!

Hello, author of 5 mistakes post here! I read your listing and have a few suggestions for you.

1: Title - Your title is rather generic and not very exciting. Think about what can hook a sitter straight away by using your title to explain exactly what is on offer for them. For example ‘Explore Wolverhampton and the West Midlands’ or something along those lines.

2: pictures - you have some repeating pictures of the pets, and many images of the same rooms at different (and sometimes not ideal) angles. These are unnecessary and can be removed. There are also images of bunnies with food and muck on them, and their litter spread around. This may put sitters off, as there seems to be rabbit droppings all over the floor of the main living area in many images, which doesn’t really go down well for a sit. Stick to images of the bunnies in a clean area (like photos 21 and 26) and perhaps consider clearly explaining where exactly the rabbits go to the bathroom?

3: Intro.
At the moment your intro reads very much like an autobiography, which does little to tell sitters exactly why they should choose your sit over someone else’s. What are you offering a sitter? What is there to see and do in the area? To be honest, sitters don’t often care why you are going away on holiday and about your family members, etc - they would rather know why they should pick you and what is on offer for them.

4: Home and location.
This section has some nice descriptions but is a little long and can be condensed. Try using dot points to briefly describe your home rather than paragraphs. Remember your listing is an advert and brief overview only.

5: Responsibilities section:

Not bad, but would be helpful for sitters if you put responsibilities into simple dot points rather than paragraphs. You also don’t mention anything anything about cat and bunny litter - with 2 cats and 3 rabbits, sitters may be wondering how many litter trays there are, etc. You also do not mention anything about the fish, though you have fish listed.

Hope that helps!

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I gave the “one lovely picture of each animal is enough” advice to an HO on here the other week @Junipers and she crossly told me “it’s a minimum of two” Didn’t know that was the THS rule. #sorryispoke


This is a good advice only if the house truly will be clean of rabbit droppings and litter, when sitters come. I think the best thing is to show the space exactly as it will be, when sitters arrive.

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I think I’ve updated the relevant sections except the photos of the house as I’m trying to get better images to showcase the home and garden at its best

@Cuttlefish lol oh well! Two would also be fine but more than that feels like a lot. I really like pics that try to give a sense of size too even though thats quite hard. We’ve had sits where the dogs are way smaller than they look and equally giants that looked quite small in their photos

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That’s great! I took another look for you now. Your title is much better :blush: I see that you added & removed some photos. I would still remove or replace images 12, 17 and 18 and you also still have 2 of the same image of the cats, so maybe fix that up. Your intro is looking much better. Home and location is still a little long - sitters will likely skim read or stop reading after the first few paragraphs. Try using more simple dot points like you did with the responsibilities section. Besides that, it’s looking much better - definitely easier to read and more attractive, and nice descriptions of responsibilities such as the litter etc. well done and I hope you find a sitter - best of luck!

@Boobelles I really like the detailed description of the rooms in your home, especially the bedrooms. It may seem too much to a single or couple sitters, but giving details if bed sizes is fantastic for housesitter families! It can often be tricky to work out if a home can accommodate my family. Your listing makes it really clear.

It’s nice that you have added more information on attractions in the area too.


Thank you, it wont let me remove 12, 17 & 18 as it wants 2 pics of each animal and I’ll be 100% honest I don’t have many pics of them as they rarely sit still.
I’ll try and remove some of the bunf, I tried to seperate the paragraphs so people could scan and then read the bits that they found important.


@CatsandDogs I thought this too - the rabbit mess would put me off applying but I think it’s really important for sitters to know what they’re walking into so I didn’t mention it. I’ve actually never looked after one but house rabbits seem to me like they’d be quite hard work, maybe that’s misguided.

To the OP the new pictures do look a lot better, especially the bathroom ones. Good luck finding someone - it might also be the number of animals, three rabbits two cats and fish, even if they’re all fairly low maintenance it does add up.

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House bunny care definitely misguided but I do get your point unless you have experience with rabbits its hard to explain what care they need. They’re actually far easier to care for than an outdoor buns in my view and we’ve housed them in and out in the past. For example the biggest part of their routine is in the morning and thats taken me 10mins total- herbs,.fresh hay and water and a quick vac of the area. Litter tray gets changed 2x a week but wouldn’t need doing by sitter as we’re only away for a few days. We choise to allow them free roam time but wouldn’t expect that of a sitter unless they chose to, thats the only time that we get stray poops. But as i say I completely understand that thise unfamiliar with rabbits would get a bit worried.
I actually think having looked at other posts and expectations we’re asking very little of potential sitters we’re not asking for strict routines or long hours spent tending to them but we shall see. If we cant find sitters then we wont go away simple as that.