Newby house sitter from New England, USA

I am new to Trustedhousesitters, and enjoy reviewing the pet sitting possibilities around the world. For now, I am applying for house sits in the U.S. until the Covid thing is under control. I am hoping for a warm weather sit to get out of the New England cold.


Hello Lucy
Welcome to this wonderful world! I know exactly what you mean about enjoying reviewing housesits. I’m sitting tight in the UK for now because of the rapid travel changes with Covid but have 10 housesits booked virtually back to back starting this Thursday. I’m renting out my house but, should owners have to cancel their own trips I’ve places to go thanks to good friends, or Airbnbs. I hope you manage to find some nice sits away from the cold. I love New England, went once some years ago and would definitely return.
All the best
Shetyl :blush:


Hello @Lucybal and a warm welcome to both TrustedHousesitters and the forum… I am sure you’ll get a lot of benefit from connecting with our members here and find some great tips for starting your house sitting travels when you feel safe to do so. A lot of members (us included) are remaining on more localized sits… it’s all about doing what feels right and best for you in terms of international travel :slight_smile: However, like you I’m also craving some warm weather… we are now in the midst of the coldest winter months in mid France and we didn’t have the best of summers here this year either! Enjoy beautiful New England and we look forward to seeing you round the forum!

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Welcome @Lucybal to this wonderful community of pet lovers. I was just in NE for an extended family visit, and braved snow, freezing rain and some ice. Now I’m back in the south, and it feels good to peel off a few layers of clothing :wink:. Enjoy your new adventures in pet sitting. Best of luck!

Thank you for your welcome, Joanne. Everyone on the forum is so nice!

Hi Vanessa, thank you so much for the kind email. Everyone on this forum is so nice and welcoming.


Shertl, thank you for your kind email. I love the forum set up. Everyone is so nice.