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Hi @Itchyfeet , thank you for your input. Unfortunately it would really not be practical for us to try and hide everything for the week that we are away, it would take far too long to try and declutter everything. If it ever came to the situation where we were going away for a prolonged period it would be different. And I would not want to take photos of the house looking minimalist when it isn’t as it would be giving a false impression to prospective sitters. There’s is still ample room for sitters belongings for a week’s stay, so I guess it’ll just be down to a sitter who is happy with that……


I have to agree with Itchyfeet. Most people dont want to say for fear of offending and I certainly dont wish to offend. However in honesty, I couldnt apply for a sit which did not meet my own personal standards of tidyness and cleanliness.

The advice you have been given is good so I wont elaborate.


Hi @brad … Sorry about hitting a brick wall with p00p and you are right it’s definitely a word that shouldn’t be restricted for our community :joy: To explain why… the Discourse forum we use has its own standard parameters of which there are a set of “watched words” - currently 225 that are considered offensive if used in responses. I’ve just been through them and poop may now be mentioned as well as a particular large cat breed that also had censorship issues :slight_smile: The remaining 223 I have to agree we wouldn’t want in our community.

Thanks for raising this as it’s a job I’ve been meaning to look at for some time. All the best, Vanessa


Now if we can just see a list of the words we are not permitted to use! :laughing::joy:


do you do this for sitters too?

Each to their own, and we would not consider accepting sitters who like properties that look like something straight out of the Ideal Home Exhibition, anyone who likes clean white Ikea type properties will never be happy in our home and visa versa… Our house is clean and comfortable, just not suited to you, but you are not all sitters…


HI @Jazzys we only share listings across our Social channels and just when they need an extra boost, not as a matter of regular posting. For example if there is an emergency, a cancellation etc. Otherwise they remain on the site where they get great exposure too.

I just thought of a trick that might help you. If you have no responses, just delete the sit. Then recreate it. It should be listed as a new sit and be at the top of people’s search results.

I think a lot of people know about this trick. I have seen sits that stay at the top of the list for a week or more.

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And maybe change 5 walks to maximum 3 per day….