No applicants after 1 month

Hi - seen a couple of other posts like this but my listing has been up for over a month and not a single applicant. I didn’t originally add many photos as was not too comfortable sharing too much detail but I have gradually added stuff - is my listing any good?

The text of the listing is still very short. Sitters often want a bit more detail of what “walking the dogs” entails.

I see that it is just a few miles south of Cambridge, you might want to mention that. It would be nice if a bicycle was available. Or I might apply when I was on a cycling tour of rural England.

Hi Johnchat, welcome to the forum. I concur that you need to describe the responsibilities in more detail. Knowing that they are sheep dogs, I would say the most people imagine they need quite a bit of exercise, so you should describe what that entails, for instance, length of walks, frequency, if there is a space where they can be off lead and run at their hearts’ content, etc. You should describe their personalities too.

Also, you need to sell your location—is it really that close to Cambridge? make people dream! :smiling_face:

I would change the first photo with the one of your dog in the snow, her expression is priceless.

It is my understanding that if you edit your description a bit it gets automatically moved up in the list of ads in your region/country.

I suggest you delete your dates and then re-post the sit so it shows up as new. It’s so old now and so far down in the listings that it’s unlikely any sitters are even scrolling far enough to see your listing.

@Johnchatt welcome to the forum. I see you are already getting some help and advice from many of our seasoned members. They are all pretty good about helping you get the best use out of your membership.

I took a look at your profile and I agree that a little more in depth info about the care of your pets would be essential. How long of walks, are they good off leash (is there an area they can actually be safe off leash), etc. Could you advise on size of bed for sitter as this is quite important for letting them know what to expect. Would you make your car available for their use, and also, could this be a family friendly sit? These are all questions that are asked by sitters on a regular basis.

Also, I would suggest you link your member profile to your forum profile here at How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Welcome & Getting Started - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum and follow the easy instructions on how to do so. This will give our members easy access to your link where hopefully someone will reach out right away and apply.

Wishing you the very best!

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thanks so much for this - its really helpful (I have never been much of a sales person!)

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Thanks all - these are all really good suggestions. Will update


Thanks very much. We’re actually in Nottinghamshire (wrong Shelford I think). I’ll update based on your advice

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Oh, but then your location was wrong on the map (at the bottom of your listing).

yes, thanks - its fixed now. There are 2 Shelfords, one in Cambridgeshire and one in Nottinghamshire and I chose the wrong one when setting up the listing

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Hi @Johnchatt
You’ve already had some good advice and no doubt you’ll follow this up (I know it’s 11.30pm, as I write, in the UK so may take a while).
The pic of the outside of your home is very enticing but the pics inside don’t do it justice. You’ve posted a pic of the oven, delete that and replace it with a pic of the whole kitchen if you can. Imagine you’re trying to sell your home.
As so many home owners miss, you don’t mention how long the animals can be left for.
Is there the possibility of loaning the sitters a car? This would definitely increase your chances.
What is there to do in the local area? Is there a station nearby, bus stops with regular services?