No Applications for a sit

Thanks for the feedback. It is possible for me to collect from and return to a station and for a short sit like this, I will update this section.

Hi @kayn when I click on your link, I get this

But when I click on @AnnaALVT
I access that listing.

Anyone else get the error?
@kayn what happens when you click on your link?

One of the biggest issues with the calendar is that we can’t put where we are available to sit. However, even if a sitter is open and is looking for a sit in your area, that doesn’t mean they are available for just any sit. We are all looking for the right fit and it could be that your sit just isn’t right for them.

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Yes the same for me

I’m not sure what led you to believe I expect anyone to do this on call or unemployed. It’s an opportunity one either accepts or passes by if it is not the right fit with whatever personal obligations they might have. Working or otherwise. New to the platform and only trying my best to understand what appeals and how to make it work for everyone. When you sign up there is no guidance that there are more sits than sitters — so the only way to learn is by posting and finding what works or doesn’t.

I try to be somewhat reasonable in who to invite based on guidance in this forum. Folks who are new and may need a good rating that are nearby, more local people within driving distances — all who have liked my listing already, not randoms across the globe.

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@AnnaALVT It can be quite a challenge learning the ropes of how THS works but there are many useful tips and blogs on the site to help. There are no published figures on how many sitters and owners there are either. Perhaps what @pietkuip is inferring is that there may not be that many active and/or available sitters for the number of sits listed. Just like some owners only post listings once or twice a year, there are also sitters who just do the odd sit or two too. Just because a sitter is available doesn’t mean they would accept an invitation from you either as there are a number of factors they consider as well. Fingers crossed for you; it just might take a little while.

I am one of the sitters with what you described as a “wide open calendar”. Also, I am retired, and I do not have real personal obligations.

That does not mean that I would be in the mood to accept an invitation to sit. I would not be surprised if many other sitters did not log in to the site at all this time of the year.

As you have found out, the success rate of invitations is very low.