"No Pets" listings that DO have pets

Hello! I’m wondering if there is a way to (nicely?) flag or redirect posts with inaccurate pet information so that it is categorized properly. I am sure when this happens in the process of a sit going live, but am sure the OPs just miss a step or perhaps forget to update information. For example, right now utilizing the ‘no pets’ filter and only the first page as an example, there are six house that truly have ‘no pets’ and six sits that very much have pets, even as described in the title of their sit.

I do not know what kind of QA exists before a host can publish their profile, so perhaps it would come during that step? Maybe there is a way that the community can help by flagging a post to correct information? Team effort? :smiley:

House sitters come to THS for a wide variety of reasons - some for the added pet companionship while traveling, a place to remote work, a long or short stay, etc. It makes searches very lengthy when information is not accurately categorized. I love all the (pet-filled) sits I have done through THS but also want to make the search process as accurate as possible!

Thank you for considering.

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Hello @e.lee. Welcome to the forum. I’ve flagged those listings for attention by TrustedHousesitters. Thanks for bringing them to our attention.

Hi @e.lee as @Karen-Moderator says thank you for bringing these listings to our attention.

Existing listings do not go through an approval process and once a listing is approved owners can edit and make changes, even remove or add images. New listings do go through an approval process but then again can be edited as soon as this process is complete. We have a very high volume of new listings coming to the site everyday and while the approval system is very good there are occasions when something may be overlooked or missed when that happens members like yourself who bring these to our attention

are so appreciated. … Thank you.

This subject has been discussed on a number of occasions in different threads and while we don’t ask or expect members to act as the “listing police” we always appreciate having any listings which may need help, updating or correcting, brought to our attention and what we advise is forwarding the listing via Direct Message to one of the admins so that the owner can be contacted directly.

Thank you again, as we have addressed this on a number of occasions on other posts we will close this topic with a sincere thank you from the team.

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