No review from last sit appearing on my profile

My last sit, I left a review for the HO and she responded with a good comment, but I have no review from her on my profile. I requested this, but what else can I do?

Chase her and quick. There’s a 14 day window on both sides and then you can’t get a review @MaddyW - send her a what’s app as prob more reliable than the THS system :+1:t3: #14daysandcounting

Hi @MaddyW did you send the request through THS also? There is a specific link one can send through THS as a request.

Don’t be shy about staying on the host with reminders about completing the review within the 14 days. Outside of the UK time zone it’s really 13 days.

If @MaddyW 's review of the sit has already been published, it’s already too late :woman_shrugging:


Of course @CatsAndDog #ohbogger

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Hi @MaddyW - do you mean the homeowner just responded to your review by leaving a nice comment but didn’t actually do a review for you?
Unfortunately if that is the case it is probably too late to get one now.
The review procedure can be very confusing, especially to newer members and the 14 day limit makes it even more difficult.

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It sounds like you’ve missed the window, as neither reviews are published until either both of you submit a review, or the 14days has passed, so if she’s responded to yours and she didn’t leave you one, then the 14days must be up, so you are too late.

So, for next time, at the end of your stay mention to the HO about how you’ll leave her a review the day after your sit ends, and say you’d be really grateful if she would leave you a review too. Maybe mention about there only being a 14 day window to do it if they are new.

I write my review of the HO and usually the HO writes theirs very quickly too, but with the odd one that doesn’t, I write theirs and then leave it be for 4-5 days before considering chasing it up, as they are likely to be simply busy with returning to work, and getting back to normal life, food shopping, school run, jet lag, etc. Then firstly I click the ask for a review button on THS, and if that has no luck then I ask them directly via whatsapp.


As others have stated, it’s too late for a review but you could still request a reference from the HO and ask them to explain that they missed the review window, etc.

Moving forward, if you don’t see the review after a few days, send a reminder to the other party. X


I don’t think most homeowners – especially newer ones – are aware of how important reviews are – especially for newer sitters. If you are a new sitter, it’s worth it to check if the homeowners have left previous reviews. With the fourteen day window, it’s worth leaving a review quickly, and then if you haven’t gotten one within a few days, reminding the homeowner and even telling them how important it is for future as a sitter.


@MaddyW Best thing to do now is to request a reference- second best thing to a review- even suggest the host mention that it was a confirmed THS sit but they missed the 14 day window for the official review!
Next time I’d suggest you send the official THS review request the day after the sit followed by a back up message- on WhatsApp- saying you’ve sent the request and reminding them of the 14 day deadline! That should alert them to the importance of a review for you! Once you receive notification from THS that the host has submitted their review then you do yours. This way you can ensure that you not to find yourself in the situation of giving a review but not receiving one.

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