Nobody wants me :-( Advice for a first time house sitter?

Andrew I don’t know where you are located but I am experiencing the other side of the coin. I am going away in December and for a month and have had no applications and am getting a wee bit nervous. When I did do housesitting I started with local close to home sits first to get reviews.

Hi @Marylou I can understand your need to get a sitter arranged but would not be too concerned at this point. You have created a great listing, being a sitter gives you that added experience and perspective and it’s a month long taking in both Christmas and New Year.

There are still travel uncertainties in people’s minds which will improve as travel becomes normalized once again and December is a while away. Everyone has been through a period of uncertainty never experienced before, it will take a little time to return to the “new normal”

I’m sure you will find helpful advice and support from other members on the forum.

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that would be a wonderful asset from a home owner perspective,


If this information is in a sitters profile, would you advise that they repeat it in an application ? I often don’t add much on an introduction letter as I think I have quite a comprehensive profile introduction. It hasn’t stopped me being given sits, but maybe I can improve myself a little ?

Hi @BridgetC, sorry for the delay, I’m off traveling! I think a little repeat is okay but I wouldn’t go into crazy detail. I think some homeowners may not read the profiles before making decisions so I’m just suggesting you paint an engaging picture from the first chance you get, which is when you apply. Detail can go in your profile.

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Thank you. That sounds very sensible :slight_smile: Enjoy your travels !

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As a new sitter, I appreciate all of your advice. I always write an application from the heart. I’ve been turned down many times, but many times I have received a heartfelt response to my inquiry saying they would consider me for the next time. Since joining last fall, I have already completed one short sit and have two more confirmed this fall. Hopefully, with good reviews, I will be chosen for some a European sits next year.


Keep coming to Germany in mind. We‘re not far from Frankfurt, Heidelberg and some wine regions. We’ll be away for 2-3 weeks in Jul/Aug😉
Maybe we’re a match?


I absolutely will!!! Thanks


Hi, my name is Francine, I joined last summer but I have been unlucky to find sitters that would hire me. Do you have tips?

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@Francesca - Do you mean that you haven’t found homeowners that want to hire you to be a sitter?

Exactly, I have submitted my appli auto 7 of them and it seems that no one has accepted me. This is discouraging as I paid for a membership . Why is that? I have experience and sat before

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Hi @Francesca welcome to our community forum I’ve moved your comments and question into this conversation as it’s been incredibly helpful to new members looking to secure their first sit.

It can take many applications and then some are successful on their first try, we can always help by looking at your profile as sometimes a pair of experienced eyes can help with improvements that can make a difference.

Also applying for the right sit is important, creating a good personalised application snd starting locally, where possible.

I’m sure you’ll get some great help and advice from our members to help you get that first sit.

Angela & The Team


As a brand new member of the pet sitting community, I have loved sending off my applications but I have never gotten a sit confirmation yet. I spent a month being full of excitement and motivation writing a unique and individual letter to the sits I would enjoy to have but unfortunately no confirmations yet.
Do you guys have any advice how new member can get on a track of gaining reviews and community trust?
Cheers from Prague!

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Hi @anutaa_i I remember 3 years ago we had a really hard time securing our first pet sit. We’ve had a lot of rejections and we didn’t think we will ever get one. However right now it is the best time to get your first sit, because a lot of HO are looking to travel during the holidays. We got 2 sits back to back on Christmas and New Years and both were last minute. Once you have your first good reviews, it gets much better. Just make sure to mention that you have a lot of previous pet sitting experience, but you have just found about THS. Good luck and do not give up.


Thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile:

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Hi @anutaa_i - Your first sit is always the hardest to get so do not be disheartened. To get your reviews started look for short sits, preferably local so you don’t have too far to travel. As @BunnyCat says, this is a great time to start as there are many Christmas sits advertised. In your applications, acknowledge that you are new to THS but also mention any other pet care experience you may have whether that be looking after your own pets or the pets of others. Don’t forget to mention the pets by their name - saying ‘Millie’ and ‘Mandy’ is much better than saying ’ your pets’. Good Luck!


Colin, thank you very much for your kindest reply :slight_smile:
Great advice!

@anutaa_i - This is a thread from a while ago, you may get some good tips here

Nobody wants me :frowning: Advice for a first time house sitter? - Sitters Questions, Advice & Chat - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum

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You’re most welcome @anutaa_i I forgot to mention, make sure to always read the entire HO’s posting, use the pets’ names in your response and also explain why would you like to visit that particular location - visiting friends, sightseeing, always wanted to visit that city/town etc.

I also just noticed you don’t have any character references. You will need to add at least 1-2 reviews from previous pet sits, landlords etc. They don’t need to be THS members.