Norfolk Broads, UK

Hi All
We live just minutes away from the beautiful Norfolk broads and approx 30mins from lovely Norfolk coast.
We have 2 long sits available in a lovely 4 bedroom home, with our loving 13 year old Jack Russell.


I hope to visit there someday, as I would like to meet the beautiful Norfolk broads … I have never heard of them before. BTW, around here you get slapped for calling them broads, they much prefer ladies or even gals … glad the ones in Norfolk are more down to earth! :wink:


Hello @DylanFrazer You may want to embed your listing into your forum username/profile so that forum members can view the details. Oftentimes they will give suggestions for tweaking the details that can bring great results.

If you’d like to add a photo of your Jack Russell family member to your post, that would be lovely too. :dog:

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Hi @DylanFrazer,

What an adorable Jack Russell! I have to admit when I first read your post I thought it was about two women (broads) from Norfolk, Virginia USA :rofl:

I know, I know, very American of me to assume that. Since we are an international forum I did go ahead and change the title to the UK as well as give myself a brief geography lesson as to where Norfolk Broads are. So thank you! Looks very lovely indeed.

Kelly & the Forum Team