Not both people in a couple are vetted

I’m posting this as I wasn’t aware of this and I thought others might like to know.
When a couple are listed as sitters, only one of them will be vetted. How do you know which one is the vetted partner? Their name will come first. Of course some of the couples both partners will be vetted. This anomaiy has been confirmed to me by one of the moderators.

This is not made clear on the web site which states the following “It’s important that all our members feel safe, secure and supported. That’s why we require all our sitters to complete their free identity checks below before they can apply to sit, so that you can connect with confidence. You can see which checks each sitter has on their profile.”
Obviously the part about requiring ALL OUR SITTERS is misleading when it comes to couples. I can find no disclaimer.
I have complained about this and hope to see changes made.


This is an important question. I had a 3 week sit lined up for Xmas in September. The planning and Months of communication with the owners were of no use when they broke up and the guy cancelled on me last minute. All my interaction had been with his partner, and I was shocked to get a text at 3 am canceling because he didn’t “ know where to go and thought I would have figured it out my now. I hope it won’t cause problems for you”. It did. That situation makes me rethink sitting for couples at all.

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I don’t think HOs are vetted though?

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Hi @Wavingfish,
Your question has been asked before here on the forum. There’s a very long thread about the background checks which is where I will now merge your comment to. I am also sending you the link on the website to FAQ’s about the ID checks.


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