Not getting any applications for a sitter

Some have said that you might be on the late side posting for April, some have said that you might be on the early side posting for April. I think both are true, pending the sitter.

I’m not booking anything yet for April or beyond, as it’s too early to know my (freelance) work schedule. I generally book max 1-1.5 month ahead and will also happily jump on last minutes.

My experience is that for shorter sits, it’s better not to post too long in advance; for long sits better don’t leave it too late!


Going to bring up something not mentioned: The home is lovely. I know there are number of Seattle catsits open. I think sitters might gravitate more towards being in the city and exploring it rather than being in a suburb – however lovely it is. Is it near a light rail or express bus that could get someone into Seattle? Bike trail? Is there a bike or even a car sitters could borrow? Would you recommend a sitter has their own car?

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I’d be put off by the ‘we share a townhouse with our daughter’. Will the daughter be there during the sit? If so it’s against THS guidelines. I wouldn’t be interested in a sit where a family member is present.

Also, compared to the other sections ‘Responsibilities’ is very short. With 4 cats I’d like to know a lot more about their routine and what is expected of me honouring that. Where do they sleep, what time do they get up, are they vocal? Etc

Personally, I would remove that you share your home with your daughter. She can’t be there during any sit per THS rules, so it’s just adding a question for the sitters to wonder if they will be sharing the house with your daughter.

The one thing I did when setting up our HO profile was to read other home profiles. It helps to see what people include. More information the better. Your area looks great. I would make the pool area your 1st picture not your living room. You want to catch the sitters eye.

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@Peg Have to disagree that the HO remove mention of the daughter living there. Any potential sitter would never know to ask if that person exists and if they’d be on-site while the HO is away. That doesn’t help with HO transparency.

@LindaLouise Could you please clarify if your daughter is planning to be there during the sit?