Not getting any applications for a sitter

I’m anew member. My homeowner profile posted several days ago. I’m having difficulty finding any one who is available.
I have invited a few but all turned it down. It’s very disappointing and discouraging. Any tips? I have put in my local area for the location.

Have you posted dates? That is how it should work on THS. If your listing is attractive, you will then be getting applications from all over the world.

Caribbean destinations are nice. I liked Jamaica (decades ago that I was there).

The general consensus out there is that inviting sitters doesn’t often work. It’s better to create a comprehensive profile, with good quality photos of house and pets, thorough explanation of responsibilities (with active dates as already mentioned), and wait for people to submit their application.

If you link the post to your forum profile the community can help by giving you some pointers on how to improve it, if an improvement is needed.

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Hi @LindaLouise if you post a link to your forum profile, we can give you some feedback.

It’s only been a few days, it might be that people are waiting. I found the two times I posted something in a month of my travel. I had multiple applications. This last time I posted some thing for May and have yet to have anyone apply. I also think sitters look for longer term sits if they are coming from out of the area.
Use the search function to review advice on how to make your house and pets sound more enticing. I think details of what’s expected and good photos make a difference if you don’t have any reviews Good luck.

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I’m not seeing how to post a link to my listing? Any help?

Hi @LindaLouise I have just linked your profile on here for you as requested.

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Have looked at your listing and recommend you make a photo of the pool the first photo people see, then the house from the front, and generally pick the most attractive photos to be the first ones people scan. The intro also does not need to mention details about your daughter’s job. Instead mention the highlights of your place (walking trails, river, pool, desks for working, etc).
Remove the mention of shy and frisky” in your main title, refer instead to the property’s main highlight.
Mention how many times per day the cats are fed, and when.
Clarify that the sitter is allowed to use all the community facilities. If they are not allowed, then remove any mention of these.
You still have time for people to apply, good luck with it!

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One question which immediately rose in my head when reading your listing:

You share a townhome with your working daughter.
So she is already older. Has a job. Is she coming along with you? Or staying home because she has to work?
Now it could be that some sitters think that she is around, maybe even in the same house and rooms during the sit? Maybe they feel that they will be controlled?

About the rest of your listing:
Very appealing. If the dates would fit and I was in the neighbourhood, I would apply.

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After reading your listing, I agree you need to specifically state whether your daughter is going to be during those times considering sitters aren’t going to want to share the house with another human and it’s actually against THS policy.

I do think it’s a tad on the early side for april. Even a full-time sitter like myself I don’t book that far ahead because I’ve not being fully aware of my work schedule. There might be some people intimidated by four cats but that is what it is

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  • I know they’re cats, but it would also be good to call out how long they can be left alone
  • how exactly does someone get to your place and how many activities are accessible to someone without a car?

That aside, lovely listing! I worked in Redmond for a spell and it was a great area.

re: searching for sitters…

  • If you have them, you can reach out to people who have favourited your listing…I’ve had more luck that way in the past than cold invites
  • it doesn’t hurt to reach out to local people, especially those who look strong but maybe have fewer reviews and would want to boost their on app experience, but just know that the return on that may be low
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@pietkuip The listing on the link is for Redmond Washington?

@LindaLouise Is your daughter planning to be at the townhouse while the sitter is there?

No, and in fact I think they should remove the pool photos. It’s not relevant to this sit, in April, in Washington state.

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I’d definitely take the suggestion about clarifying that your daughter won’t be home during the sit, because sitters will tend to skip right over such listings. Plus, THS terms don’t allow anyone else to be living in the home with the sitter, with the exceptions of say an overlap as hosts leave and return.

You might not be getting applications, because there are a number of Seattle-area listings, including ones actually in Seattle. For those of us who know Seattle traffic, being on the Eastside like you are might be seen as less desirable by some, because of the commute times and bridge tolls. (We used to live in Queen Anne and Belltown and my husband worked at Microsoft.)

Also, Easter break is happening around that time, so some sitters might’ve already made plans if they want to be in the area.

For context, many experienced sitters, especially full-time nomads, book sits way ahead. Like some plan many months to a year out. It’s relatively easy for sitters with strong reviews to land sits. Personally, I don’t sit full time and I’ve already got sits booked through October on THS and Nomador.

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Hi @LindaLouise I have not read the posts before writing this as not to be influenced in feedback.

I would suggest reorganizing the photos.

Start with a picture of one of the cats. The dryer pix is cute.

Then start with the bedroom then bath for the thsitter. Sitters like/love pets already but accommodations are KEY to emphasize.

Then follow with the rest of the inside of the home. Then the outside. Then the kitties.

I think more soecific details in your write up will help screen applicants:
Can they bring their pets?
Are there stairs within the townhouse? (Just good to mention)
Flexible dates?

Are there any more responsibilities to add?
Better to add them than “forget” to mention during chats.

The transportation is not clear to me.
Is a car needed?
Can I get get to groceries easily but really need is it better to have a car for food and everything else.

Can I get around on transit say like Boston or DC in your area?

Make paragraphs in your listing and each paragraph cover a topic. But do try to be concise.

Good luck!
PS: as it seems like it is your first sitter…read the reviews of applicants and try to select someone with at least 3 to 5 THS reviews not just external references.

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Now I’ve read and this is important as others have mentioned.

@anon42826925 Yes, but when I wrote there was no profile link yet. So I made a guess based on the profile picture of @LindaLouise. And then I found it hard to understand that there had been no applications, unless there had been no dates.

Washington State is not as easy as Jamaica this time of the year…

@LindaLouise Having your daughter at home while a sitter is there is against the rules on Trusted Housesitters.

No third parties are permitted.

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You mention frisky and shy and cat whisperer needed. I think another title might be better.
'Cat lover for playful and shy cats. ’
You could post about their perssonalities and if everyone gets along.
If the sitter can use all the facilities, make that clear.
You have to remember that sitters cannot contact you to ask questions so try to make clear the things sitter most want to know about.

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