New listing, no applications

We’re new to THS. I did a ton of research and purchased the top tier membership. I’ve gotten wonderful feedback on our home and amenities, but no applications. I’ve sent invitations and gotten three “no’s” due to scheduling conflicts, but they were all super kind. 4 invites currently sitting on read with no response. Our international trip is just over a month out (yes, I now know that these sits book sometimes 6 months in advance. Nothing I can do about that now) Help!

Next steps

  1. Search :mag: in the box how to add your listing into your Forum profile here.
  2. Ask experienced sitters to provide feedback- listen carefully then act on it.
  3. Read the top tips for HOs on how to optimise your listing.
  4. Inviting sitters rarely works…. you need to attract sitters to apply by making your listing amazing.
  5. Check your competition of other HOs in your location….

Best wishes


Actually it seems to me you are actually approaching this the wrong way. What you do when you want a sitter, is to post the dates of your trip, remembering to include the night before if, like us, you want to host the sitter overnight before you go, to get to know them better and allow them to get used to the house and your pets.
Once you have posted the dates you want a sitter to cover then it is up to the individual sitter to apply to you for consideration. You then get in contact with the sitters who have applied currently that is a max of 5. If you consider that no one is suitable then as you decline a sitter another sitter can apply for the sit. Please remember to write a brief note to each applicant to say why you haven’t gone with their application. There is a lot on the Forum about lack of communication and basic manners!
There is little or no point in approaching individual sitters. Many sitters don’t keep their Calendar part up to date anyhow. Also it’s a waste of time as you don’t know their travel plans or interests etc.
Posting the dates you want to have a sitter allows all sitters the opportunity to apply and therefore makes your likelihood of finding a sitter much greater.
Also please when you are considering the applications from individual sitters, respond to them quickly and it is also in your interest to come to a quick decision about who you feel would be a good match for you and your pets. Sitters are in demand and they don’t hang about waiting for us just to think about who we want for weeks!
Good luck!


But I did post dates. A handful of sitters “favorited” my listing so I reached out, but apparently they were just bookmarking it for a later destination and declined the sit. I’ve had no organic applications for our travel dates.

Add your listing to your profile as I’ve suggested in my first reply and let’s see if there’s any obvious improvements to be made. I did a quick search and couldn’t find your listing though…Peachtree City GA nothing comes up that I can recognise.
Ok update- I found it eventually …. A Golf cart community…. 15mph …. I would skim past that title for sure!! However once I read your listing and see the photos and amenities and your cute easy to care for dog wow!
I would definitely change the title it’s really off putting and I’m 65.

I saw two or three sits there, one that was also discussed on a different forum, and that sounded quite attractive. I am not going to take a transatlantic flight for it though.

The problem seems to be that supply and demand are not matched very well in that region in this period.

I found it eventually I think - I believe the issue is the title ‘Golf Cart community 15mph’…. the facilities are brilliant….(updated it wasn’t this one-‘55+ community’ one with the dog that’s not house trained- but this doesn’t help your advert due to the title!)…. When I search Peachtree City only comes up if I input Atlanta in the search box….ahd use the Map search feature.

I have friends who live in Peachtree City and honestly it is not a place i would have voluntarily visited - until I did.

I assume you are the “Chill in golf cart…” listing. Is the golf cart going to be available to your sitters? If so mention that. And mention how you can get everywhere on the golf cart - the grocery store, farmer market, bars, restaunts, etc. I think people may tend to think of a golf cart community as a community for old people.

I might emphasize that since your dog can be left so long, sitters could spend the day in Atlanta.

Overall, i think your listing looks great.

There are two more listings fir June/July in Peachtree City and niether one as applicants. The thought of hot and humid weather might be a factor holding people back.


The OP mentioned that they’ve purchased a premium membership, so the correct listing is titled " Come stay where movie stars and the great outdoors meet! Couples welcome!" 1 bull terrier dog - Moolah.


Here’s how to add your listing to your forum profile so, as @BonnyinBrighton suggests, we can offer feedback as necessary to make your listing more attractive:

It’s common practice to favourite a listing for the future when you see it, like it but are already booked up @HC1973. The fact people are liking it is a good sign though :crossed_fingers:t3:


55+? That’s definitely not me. As I state in my listing, we are situated right between two major movie studios and our community is full of West Coast transplants. And I absolutely do not have a non-house trained dog.

I’ve changed the title based on recommendations, so thank you. My listing does state that our electric golf cart is available to a sitter. I also highlighted the fact that our dog can be left alone for 6 to 8 hours during the day.

So rather than make people turn detective, and get it wrong, add a link to your listing so hopefully helpful amendments can be suggested


Ok the other listing title comes up right next to yours though so it’s also an off putting title to many and at quick glance confusing if you don’t read further to work out which is yours, yours sounds much better tbh….).