Not getting notifications re: homeowner msgs

I have the app on my phone. I used to get notifications if a homeowner would message me. I’m not getting them now. I don’t know what to check/ change but this is very difficult right now!!

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Hi @Traveler99,

I am sorry you are having this issue you may want to contact our membership service team so they can assist you with this or you can wait until @Therese-Moderator is back online as she can best help you. My only thought is maybe your notifications somehow got turned off so you may want to check your setting on your phone, the app and the setting on your THS profile to see somehow that got turned off with a software update.

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Hi Kelly,
Thank you…I will check these again.


Hi @Traveler99 … thank you @Kelly-Moderator
I have checked and you are subscribed. On your phone, do check that you push notifications are enabled. Please see the screenshots below.

If you are still not receiving notifications, please direct message me, so I can have membership services investigate this further.

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