Suggestion to improve email notifications

Hi, I have a suggestion to improve how the THS email notification system works.

Currently news and alerts from THS are sent from the same address and using the same mailing list. Also, the unsubscribe option is all-or-nothing.

My suggestion would be to separate the emails so that notifications come from a separate email address than news, such as (AirBNB does this for example:,, etc.).

That helps busy people like many of us to not feel like we’re drowning in emails.

Thank you for your consideration!



@james excellent suggestion. I had to turn off email notifications, they were so time consuming. I get notifications from the app about saved searches and new listings by my favourites, there is no need for emails as well.

Hi @james welcome to our community forum and thank you for contributing your suggestion and feedback on member’s CRM journey.

The team monitor the forum daily as a valuable source for member feedback and sentiment but I will forward this to the CRM team.

Thank you again.