Not receiving important messages

Hi everyone has anyone experienced a delay in receiving messages. I applied for a sit and the owner replied requesting a video call. I replied straightaway then silence.

I then received a date change which I complied with. A few hours later two declines.

The next day I received a message that the owner had found a sitter. I really needed to have received this message the day before. I really thought the owner was ignoring me.

Sorted it all out with the owner and we wished it each other well.

TH is there a glitch in the system?

Thanks Caroline

I don’t think there’s a glitch in the system here, I think it’s the owner not being on top of things. Sometimes owners don’t reply to applications, then you just get a declined sit. This discourtesy is rare but it does happen and has been discussed.

@CarolineJohn1 I am so sorry that you missed the opportunity for that particular sit. The messaging system is instant and everything is working correctly. It’s difficult to say, but @smiley mentions maybe the owner was not quite on top of things and perhaps talking to a number of sitters at the same time, so hence the lack of instant reply.
As a sitter, I know, it can be frustrating, but I always like to believe that there is another lovely sit, sometimes even more suitable, just around the corner.
I hope this helps a little. Warm regards Therese


Hi thanks for that. I applied for another sit this morning. Onwards and upwards.

Have a great day

Warm regards Caroline

Always a good idea to apply for more than one

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Thanks for your email. I have several on the go but you know what I am having such a great time on the forum a sit will be the icing on the cake!!:birthday::cake:.

Have a great day.

Warm regards