Offered 2 sits for same dates - Help

Hi there,
I’m in a very tricky situation as I applied for a number of sits for August and have been chosen for 2 for the same dates as no one else applied. I feel responsible and can only chose one. Can any sitters please help me out if you’re available?
The sits start on 16/17th August to 28th August.
Thank you so much,

You might want to add where the sit is :wink:

We had the same issue a while back and were honest, saying that another home owner contacted & confirmed us just a few hours before.

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Good point. Thank you.
One sit is between Newbury and Basingstoke and the other in Shaftesbury. Dorset.

I would choose one immediately and let the other one know right away that you’ve already accepted another offer and that you are sorry and hope they find a suitable sitter.


Someone has already suggested what I would do. Don’t hang around, choose one immediately and give the other one the time to find someone else. It’s only fair on the pet owners.


@tracey123 We agree with the other feedback, let the homeowners know your choice right away. We would also add that the listings not having multiple applications is not something you should feel responsible for. Empathize of course, and be respectful, transparent, and caring, but don’t take on the burden yourself.

Enjoy whichever sit you choose and fingers crossed that the other owner finds a wonderful sitter as well!

I’m in the same situation right now - actually have 3 overlapping offers. I’ve schedule calls with all 3 for the next 2 days and will make a decision. Fortunately, these aren’t until the last half of Sept so there is a bit of time.

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Hi @tracey123 as other members have said in this conversation the most important action to take is connect with the owners and make your choice as soon as possible giving those you decline the opportunity to find alternative sitters.

It is a dilemma as our nature is to want to help everyone, it’s also happened to me but choosing the sit that is right for you, the pets and the owner is what is important.

Thank you to everyone who has offered @tracey123 support, help and advice.