Only photos no description on HO profile

There is a profile I am interested in, but I reluctant to reach out as there is no information, only photos of the house and pet and nothing else. Is this normal or common? How do these types of profiles get approved?

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Hi @Pets4me this is not normal. The HO may not have saved their profile correctly before uploading it. Membership services will be able to help with this. I’ve tagged @Angela-HeadOfCommunity who will see this and escalate it for you.

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@Pets4me I’ve had that happen to me with listings a few times lately. Then I hit the refresh in the top toolbar and it loads. I don’t know why there’s a lag time in displaying. Each time it happens when I click the refresh it then displays. :slightly_smiling_face: If that doesn’t work for you, please let me know and I’ll do some followup.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

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Thanks, maybe it’s a glitch. So I am wondering if it could be that when the HO is updating their profile the descriptions etc. could go away temporarily? As I think there used to be a description. I will check again tonight and if it is still missing I will contact @Angela-HeadOfCommunity
Thank you

@Pets4me Please do check. The homeowner may be updating their listing at the same time you are trying to view it. They may be long standing homeowners whose listing was approved a long time ago and are now updating it. This could be causing this to happen. Let me know, and you can always dm me the url of the listing you are concerned about so I can have a look and help.
Best wishes

Resolved- So yes it seems if the HO decides to update their profile the description disappears while they are rebuilding their profile. Only the photos remained. I went back to the listing and it’s completely different now and contains new and different text.

If it happens again and isn’t resolved I would apply but say you’re interested in the sit but need further information and pics. Wait for the information and pics and ensure you have a video call before accepting if offered.

How do we see the HO profile?

@AnnaBaker you need to be a member of THS & then you can search for sits & they show the details of the sit location, sitter responsibilities & usually some general information about the HO but not their address