Opps! Unexpected Baby chickens!

Not sure if anyone’s had this one before. HO left instructions to collect All the eggs - chickens and ducks ( note they are spread over 2 pens plus some free range in the back yard) - “Please don’t let any hatch!!” Last day of sit today - and look what I heard - then discovered this morning! My bad

Anyone else end up with unexpected babies on a sit???


So there’s obviously a rooster around? How are you suppose to not let any hatch? We’ve looked after heaps of chooks but no roosters involved. I sure hope the little guy makes it ok.

Why do they have a rooster if they don’t want baby chicks?

Lol - yes - a few actually…… I’m sure they’ll be fine, Mumma looking after them!

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@Mjstokes i guess I was referring to the homeowners who didn’t want any chicks to hatch.

Hi @Mjstokes - Where are you located? You prob want to move mom & chicks at least into into a separate run / coop of their own so they don’t get picked on by the adults. Also, how warm is it? Newborn chicks need to be kept ~100 degrees Fahrenheit for their first week, ~95 degrees the 2nd week, etc. If the mom sits on the chicks continuously great, but since she’s not, they might all should all be confined indoors together to keep them warm enough. Also, keeping chicks loose outside like that makes them very easy prey for hawks, fox, snakes, rats, etc. Since the mom’s been sitting on eggs for ~3 weeks, she should also get extra nutrition to stay healthy. Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Hi. Thanks for this. I’m in Thailand so it’s very warm over 30c (sorry don’t know that in f) - every time I see her she is sitting on them. While they are free range in the yard - it’s very well fenced and protected. Will ensure she gets some focused feeding!

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