Paris Olympics this August

This is a question for Parisian hosts. I have favorited many Paris sits and would like to know how many are planning to leave town to avoid the Olympic mayhem and tourists? I ask because my daughter will be competing and I have a ticket to her event but nowhere to stay.

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They will likely be leaving town to rent their places out. That would be extraordinary luck if you found someone needing a sitter. There are housing resources with the USOC that may be helpful. We found a room at the Nationsbank suite through a connection. Best of luck.

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How cool @kathy99 that your daughter is competing!

Something that crosses my mind as I plan a trip to the UK in the Fall is to make sure my agenda for “vaca” is compatible with pet needs.

I would love to use the THS community and it seems the obvious thing where I’m a member and hope too but I will really need to be discerning, as I know sight seeing and pet care will be equal priorities…

Good luck to both of you!

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Very cool that your daughter will be competing. I suppose I’d keep an eye on Airbnbs and hotels. Getting around may be chaotic and you don’t want to be tied to a restrictive pet care situation.

Having lived in Sydney during the Olympics in 2000–and worked as a volunteer–I’d say it’s largely wishful thinking that many people will actually “flee the mayhem,” and surely Parisians are used to tourists.

In cases like this, there are often people trying to make bank by renting out their places, though, and that mostly fails as an effort.

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