Password retrieve not working


Finally I have locked myself out completely off the app and the website. My app isn’t functioning for more then 4 months. Whereas I alwaget the reply to use the website on my mobile phone, wel I tried, and tried. And no surprise, the passwords don’t correspond. So in the usual way I try to retrieve it. And I do receive the email to adapt it. And then it all gets very complicated. So now I can no longer get into the app, and no longer on the website using chrome.

So how complicated can things get? I have a sit in 2 weeks. Luckily I have them HO private contact details. I will contact them that way. But for creating TRUST, this is a big deal.

I don’t understand how you’ve got into the forum then

Hi @Lieve I am sorry you are having functionality issues, unfortunately we cannot help with this tech issue and will need to pass this over to the Membership Services Team who have access to all areas of member’s accounts … An agent will connect with you via email.

@Lieve I will Direct Message you