Past review had city and country change

So here is something that I discovered. Several years ago we had a wonderful sit in Wiesbarden, Germany. All went well and both reviews were great. Now that this lady is now living in USA it has changed on the review to say that we have visited and house sat in a city that we have never been to? It just makes it complicated if say we were applying to a sit in Germany and say ‘oh yes we have house sat before in Germany’. Now no evidence.

Hi @Del. I wouldn’t worry about the location not showing as Germany. Many sitters use multiple pet sit platforms to get their sits, so not all of their sits/reviews are shown on any one platform.

You can still proudly say you pet sat in Wiesbaden and that you are truly international pet sitters. In fact if you have a special story to tell from that sit that illustrates your love of pets, to what lengths you’ll go for the right sit, etc., I would proudly share it with pet parents in the video calls you have with them. That will show the depth of your pet sitting experience.


The same has happened with me. I sat for a couple in NYC but they later moved to CA, so now it looks as though I sat for them in CA. I’d prefer if the sit location stayed accurate.

Since I noticed this happening, I have been listing the location within my review. I do it in case the HOs move, but also to help future sitters. The sit listing doesn’t always specify where exactly the home is in a city, so I will say “I loved sitting for Mork and Mindy in their Lakewood, Dallas home”, for example.


Hi Karen,
Can you refer this matter to who ever could fix it. I would really like it put back how it was. I am sure others who had this type of change would prefer it to stay where they actually DID house sit.


@Therese-Moderator can you help with this issue? Thank you.

Thanks Karen and Therese. :grin:

Hi @Del If a pet-parent/owner moves home and changes location, this current location pulls through to all the past reviews, so unfortunately there is not a way to change the location on your review/feedback. As @Lassie mentions, stating the location in your feedback/responses, works well in these scenarios.
If you wanted to add this location to your Review/feedback, do email membership services with your request so they can help you with this.
Best wishes

This is extremely annoying THS. I can’t believe that it is beyond your technological capabilities to show the correct location of the sit with its review, even when the HO has moved location sometimes several times :woman_shrugging:t2:

Hi @Nina
I will certainly bring it to the attention of our product team.
Best Wishes