Past Sit locations changed

Hi there, I’m new here but I started to notice and then get questions about the locations we have sat at… is there anyway the locations stay where the sit occured and not change with the pet moving? Currently I have 3 sits that changed, Singapore to Brisbane, Hong Kong to Tokyo & Singapore to Tokyo… Other than that I have been so happy with THS! Love it! We just received our 3rd invitation for July​:partying_face::clap::clap::clap:

Hi @Kohco21

Welcome to the community forum, and what a great question/suggestion to start off with.

As you have noticed when an owner changes their listing location it will also change on your reviews, this is because we do not store old data from previous locations on the site.

Unfortunately, your review is linked with the owners current listing and we are not able to store previous information, however, I will pass your feedback onto our team.

We love to hear that you are enjoying your time with your community, and it’s fantastic to hear that you have your third invitation for July, it sounds like you have a great summer lined up.

Kind regards,

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Yes just noticed the same thing this week people I sat for in Barcelona have now moved to the south of Spain so it now looks like my sit was in the South of Spain and not Barcelona. Just glad the review stays put and doesn’t disappear along with the previous location

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