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I have been listed for someone to watch my kitty for a few days and just discovered that it was paused - not by me! I saw that I had an applicant and after searching around the site, found where I could “unpause” my listing. However, now I can’t see the applicant at all. This is extremely frustrating. Why is it automatically paused? Isn’t it better if the HO decides how many applicants are sufficient and the HO controls the pause?

How do I see the applicant. I see many posts complaining that they haven’t received responses - probably because of this issue - the HO was unilaterally paused and we can’t see your application. Any assistance with this matter and ideas are most appreciated. Thank you.


Hi @keysfun there is a very comprehensive conversation about the Paused Listing functionality here

We have moved your comment to this conversation and this FAQ sheet will explain this new functionality Pausing owner applications - FAQs |

If you need any help please connect with the Membership Services Team …

Thank you

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