People asking for money

I’m not actually sure which topic this falls under… The last two people who have applied to my listing, I guess I just joined the site thinking it was a paid gig site. I’ve only been on here for a little over a year but I’ve never had anyone like that apply or message me, up until recently. The last guy, once I told him it’s not a paying site, he wanted some kind of compensation and actually asked me to do work for him in exchange. Does anyone else get people who apply to listings expecting compensation? Is this pretty common?

It is unusual and strictly against the rules. You can report them to


I’d suggest reporting them to membership services.

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The sitter asked for pay and asked you, the owner, to work for him? That is super weird. Definitely report.

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Report them. It’s an exchange, free accommodation in exchange for pet sitting.

I am curious what they asked. I can imagine legitimate requests, like asking the owner to take care of the final cleaning. Or transport to railway station/airport.

Owners with less popular listings may need to do that kind of “work” to attract sitters.

First he said he was trying to make money and I tried to explain it’s a work exchange site. He wasn’t understanding what I meant because he then said instead of payment, he asked if I could write him out a resume. Lol

The first girl actually was trying to get paid and the second guy said he was trying to make some money but when I told him it isn’t a paying gig site he asked if I could write him a resume in exchange for his house sitting services.


Report them. Period. No discussion. No further contact.


That’s gotta be a first!

That does not sound like a big deal. Maybe it is because you work in HR (human resources) or similar so that you would be good at it? Or just because you would know the local language.

Anyway, as a sitter, I have done “work” to fix things in the home, like fixing a bicycle or a door. If you can help someone, you can just do that. I find all these cries for reporting a bit disturbing. If you don’t want to do it, you can just decline.


Saying exactly what you think, as usual :wink:
I don’t think that reporting this person would do much, but I do think it’s cheeky to ask…
However, if you reported every cheeky behaviour that happens on both sides, member services would have to employ hundreds of extra staff!


@AnnaCatMom In your shoes I would be reporting this to member services not a complaint about these specific sitters but to question the advertising and comms that THS are using which is attracting these people to become members and leading them to expect some kind of payment in return.


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This obviously shows people are not paying attention to the rules of the platform. I also feel that member services can do a better job informing newbies what this site is all about. If sitters want to get paid they should use Rover or other paid sites. It’s a two way street of good communication on both ends.


It’s a bit confusing that homeowners can ask for payment but sitters can’t.