Personal Website

Theresa and I have a personal house sit website to provide owners with information about us. This reduces duplication and is a clean and neat way to convey who we are.


@Chris-Theresa Wow, it seems really nice :blush: could you elaborate a bit more? Thanks

I have Facebook and IG accounts for my foster cats. I link to those in my profile so HOs can see my experience.

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By having our personal house sit website we show the owner who we are. Owners want information about who will be caring for their home and pets. The website offers a better glimpse. Owners have stated they selected us due to our communications.

@Chris-Theresa , would you like to share your website and/or profile? You can add these to your forum profile.

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

TrustedHousesitters profiles are directly available to owner members and when crafted well contain everything they need to know about potential sitters to help them in their selection process, including references and reviews.

Like @Chris-Theresa there are many members who create additional personal websites & social media channels to improve awareness of their pet and housesitting activities. External websites are not directly available to owners as we don’t allow external links/information in TrustedHousesitters profiles, although forum members can add to their forum profiles.

Crafting a great profile is the very best way to get noticed and support applications.