Personalized Link?

I’ve been meeting many people while I’m on a housesit who would love to book me for
their own housesit. They’re often already members of TH, but they cannot find me on the app. I’ve only had one person who was able to do it, and I’m still not sure how they did. Can TH have the option to allow sitters to create a personalized link for their profile, much like most of social media, so we can give this out to homeowners who would like to book us directly for a housesit? Or does something like this already exist and I haven’t found it after a year of being a housesitter?

If you give people your name and the location you have listed they can find you by search your location. Of course, if you live in a place like New York or London, they’ll have some scrolling to do.

In the web interface, you can also find it on your Dashboard. Scroll down, and copy the link under “Preview”.

Or yes, find yourself under local sitters. That gives the same link.

I did as @pietkuip mentioned. It was quickest. I pasted it into my profile on Nomador, because I just joined recently. It’s also where I got my link to attach to my profile on this forum, which many folks have done as well. That’s been available to any user automatically since I joined about a year ago. Seems like it would’ve dated back long before that.

You can create a custom shortened URL by using a site like tiny url.
Copy/paste your long profile link and create a custom easy to remember one.

Alternatively a more nerdy way is to give people the last unique digits of your profile. Then copy/paste those numbers at the end of any random sitter’s profile and it will load your profile. It works the same way for listings as well.

Yup. FYI, some folks don’t like to click on shortened URLs. Why not:

You could purchase a custom domain that you like and point it to your profile. For example, if you wanted to use your forum username, looks to be available and is much more memorable than a shortened url or the digits in your profile.

Thanks everyone! This was really helpful. I ended up creating a QR code and making some basic contact cards in Canva. That should to the trick!


Cool. What QR code tool did you use? Some produce codes, but the codes expire after a certain period. Love Canva. So easy to use.