Pet food company to stay away from…

“Sundays dog food” is often marketed on social media as the best alternative to raw food. It’s made with human-grade ingredients and eliminates the hassle of waiting for food to defrost. However, waiting for the food to defrost might be a better option than waiting for subscription food to arrive. This year, my monthly food deliveries have been late more than a couple of times, leaving me without any food to feed my dog. Despite the occasional delays, my dog loves the food and experiences fewer digestive issues. However, the unreliability of the shipments and issues stemming from fast growth and supply chain problems have taken a toll on us. As a result, we have to visit Petco, a chain pet store, to find wet and frozen foods before my dog runs out of food tonight.

I wanted to post this here so other dog owners are aware and avoid it. Leaving pet owners without food is terrible and feels like animal abuse to me for the sake of growth and profit.

Perhaps better planning and placing your order earlier could help the situation?

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Nope, thats not the problem at all. Please google them and read the latest reviews. This is a fast-growing company that spends too much money on advertising instead of their supply chain and logistics team. Too many people signing up but unable to meet the demand.

It’s set up as a subscription, his bag of food will last for 30 days. The frequency I had it set up was at 25 days, in the last five months I’ve continued to shorten it, at 15 days now and I believe other members are doing the same thing which is just exacerbating their supply chain issues.

P.S. Members have been forced to increase the frequency because their subscription orders like mine continue to be late.

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You’re right… My dog my responsibility. Which is why I’m cancelling.
That is a very poor judgmental and callous reply from your part without understanding or trying to understand the problem.
I’m trying to help other dog/pet owners here to stay away from a poor run company.
Dogs can’t just be easily switched to different foods without proper slow introduction.


So it’s good quality food, your dog loves it and it has improved his health? Only negative is they can’t ship it across the country on time so you have had to build up some stocks by ordering earlier?
Maybe they will get a load of bad reviews and lost customers and they will be able to supply you on time again :slightly_smiling_face:

He absolutely does! Which is a shame that they’re poorly run as a business. I think this has been an ongoing issue for months now and already have a lot of bad reviews from what I have seen. The problem is they keep advertising and taking in new subscriptions (people signing up for that 40% discount) and then unable to keep up. It’s unfortunate really, and I fear that their business will fail. It’s just too unreliable and even when I try to stock up and they’re still late… and more late (10-15 days shipping delays, other reviews say 23 days).
Unfortunately for me and for the sake of my dog, I need a more reliable service.


That’s what @wendy_chicago said!

@Carla , this may need looking into??


Thanks @Colin I will look into this :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s frustrating when reliable deliveries are so critical. I’m glad your dog loves the food, but the shipping issues sound really challenging. Hopefully, the company can address these problems soon.

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