Pet info not showing in listing

Hi, I’m dipping my toe into this friendly forum, very nice so far!
I’m not sure if I’m missing something but I can’t see the pet info for my dog on my listing (ie the typical day etc).
When I look at it on preview and edit, this section doesn’t show up at all. And it’s annoying me more as I was interrupted when I was writing it, and it ends halfway through a sentence
:joy: And I have looked at it as though searching for a sit and it just shows Socks’ photo.
Does this info only show if I invite someone?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Helen74 Hi, welcome to our Community Forum and thank you for your kind words, we are a very helpful and supportive community, any questions you have this is the place to ask them.

I have checked your listing on the site and all of the details are there, I have added the link to your Forum profile so that other members can meet Socks. If you need further help with your listing please contact the Membership Services Team on support@trustedhousesitters

There are numerous great conversations on the forum using the spyglass will get you to any one of them.

Thank you for the quick response.
The bit I mean is the section you complete about their health and food guide etc - I thought that would show up if you clicked on his photos in the “pets” section?

@Helen74 I’m going to Direct Message you …

I think what you’re referring to is under Responsibilities. When I look at your post there are terrific details about your pooch.

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Thank you, I think I was just being dim :blush: