Pet Owner Info

Does it seem strange that a sit is less than 2 weeks away and the pet owner still hasn’t provided there address, just the city and zip code. The sit is in a gated community so I’m not sure what the problem is. I’ve asked for the address but no response.

@Tier - have you requested the Welcome Guide via your dashboard?
Do you have any way of contacting the owner other than the THS messaging system?
I request all relevant information for the sit as soon as it is confirmed so there are no surprises.
The only exception would be a last minute arrangement but in that case I would definitely ensure I had a personal email or mobile number to contact them.

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@Tier It should be in the Welcome Guide … if it’s a first timer they may assume that THS give you the address . So give them a prompt that you don’t have it and would like it asap.

Hi @Tier I feel your concern, this is unusual.

Perhaps it’s their first time using THS and they are nervous? Who knows :wink:

I ask for the full address during the initial call so I can see where it is on google maps and decide if the location works for me (nearest supermarkets, train stations, bus stations, cafes etc).

In fact after 5 years of using the site I ask LOADS of questions about the home and the pet and the neighbourhood - this helps me see if I have a natural rapport with the HO, if they are interested in creating a great guest experience for me, and if they are confident leaving their pet and their home with someone they haven’t met before.

Definitely request the manual as @Twitcher suggested, call the HO by phone for a quick chat to see if there are any issues, and contact Member Services for assistance if you don’t have resolution by tomorrow.

Worst case, put your Plan B accommodation into action!

Good luck :purple_heart:

I have the HO’s Welcome Guide but it is not complete; no address. We have text messaged privately and I’ve asked with no response. HO is not new to THS and maybe just nervous but it seems odd. I will reach out again because HO is suppose to have a friend do the handoff and I don’t understand the issue. I’m certainly not getting on a flight without the address and info to access the gated community. If HO is nervous, I used to live in the area and I offered to provide local past employer references which HO said wasn’t necessary.

I think I would make a voice call.

Sure: don’t get on a flight without essential info!